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UFC 214: Cormier vs Jones 2


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Here we go then. Saturday 29th July. Anaheim, California. Hopefully the junkie has his academics in order. 




Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones - Light Heavyweight Title

Tyron Woodley vs Demian Maia - Welterweight Title

Cris Cyborg vs Tonya Evinger - Vacant Featherweight Title

Robbie Lawler vs Donald Cerrone

Jimi Manuwa vs Volkan Oezdemir 


Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight

Aljamain Sterling vs Renan Barao

Brian Ortega vs Renato Moicano 

Andre Fili vs Calvin Kattar


Kailin Curran vs Alexandra Albu

Eric Shelton vs Jarred Brooks 

Josh Burkman vs Drew Dober


As usual, the bout order isn't official yet so I'll change it when it is. This card has taken a few hits. We were originally meant to have both the Korean Zombie and the Korean Superboy on this show. Both sadly fell out with injuries which is a real shame and a loss to the card. Hopefully what's there now stays there because it still looks good. 



Cormier vs Jones 2, I kind of don't want to get excited about because I've lost track of how many times it's fallen apart at this point. And it's usually Jon Jones' fault. Everything is Jon Jones' fault.

But fuck it, I'm excited. Let's stay positive. After all, this is a year where we've seen Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor get signed and Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva actually happened! In that context, this doesn't seem like such a stretch. 

I was just going to do a quick write up on the main event because it's fallen apart so many times already but balls. I'm going in deep on this bitch. 

The Cormier vs Jones feud is actually older than you might think. It goes back 7 bastard years! The seeds were planted way back in October 2010 when they met when they were both backstage at UFC 121 for the big Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez heavyweight title fight. DC was cornering Cain that night. He was only 5 fights into his MMA career and had just made his Strikeforce debut. Jones at this point was the new breakout star in the UFC and was a couple of fights away from becoming the youngest UFC champion ever. The two had a brief conversation backstage, didn't get off on the right foot and that was it. 

Here's DC's recollection of that first meeting...

"This whole thing started, with Jon and I, back in 2010. I had just started fighting and I was in the back at the Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez fight. And just out of nowhere he walked up to me and was kind of looking around me, and he goes 'You look like a wrestler'. He just said that to me out of nowhere. I said 'I'm probably the best wrestler you've seen'. Then he proceeds to say something like 'Get cauliflower on your other side and maybe you can get a takedown against me.' I'm like 'Guy, you don't even know me!' It's the weirdest thing, I don't understand. I'm like 'When you were in high school, I was on the Olympic team. You're supposed to know your Olympians.'

This is where this whole thing started. I would not have expected Jon Jones to know who I was, but I would not have expected him to say that to someone he didn't even really know. You don't just randomly pick a person and start talking shit to them. It doesn't really make much sense."

With them in different organisations at the time, obviously nothing came of it. Then in 2013, Strikeforce went tits up and Cormier was signed to the UFC. By this point he was 11-0 and had beat Bigfoot and Josh Barnett on his way to winning the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. Jones was now the UFC light heavyweight champ and had destroyed the likes of Shogun, Rampage, Machida, Evans, Belfort and Sonnen. The digs between Jones and DC were occasional at this point but they were always there. But even though they were both in the UFC now, they were still in different weight classes. 

Then in 2014, Cormier dropped down to light heavyweight. Now it was just a matter of time. He knocked out Patrick Cummins in his debut at 205 in February 2014. Then he followed that up with a submission over the legend Dan Henderson in May. And with Jones rapidly running out of challengers, and the ready made backstory between JJ and DC...it was a no brainer. The UFC booked the fight for September's UFC 178 PPV. 


It was all set. 

Then came the press conference in August. They traded shit talk as is usual with these things. When it came time for the face offs though, well let's just say fucking chaos ensued.

Relive it in all its glory...

Pandemonium. Bedlam. Whatever else you want to describe it as. What is was was promotional gold. It instantly made the fight a massive deal and everyone was on about it. 

As if that wasn't enough, an 'off air' video of DC and Jones from before a TV interview was then accidentally on purpose leaked. It had death threats, naughty language and it outed Jones' as the true slimy, cretinous fake cunt that he is. 



To link this to me personally, this brawl happened on August 4th 2014. Me and the good lady got married 2 days earlier on August 2nd 2014. So I was in Italy on my honeymoon when all this shit was kicking off. I wasn't checking the MMA sites and had no idea all this was going on until my brother sent me about a million texts about it. Followed by one also informing me that the boxing promoter Frank Maloney was having a sex change. I ask you. You leave the country for 5 minutes! I thought my brother had to have been pissed and on the wind up. 

The off air video again put the hype for the September fight through the roof. In the fairly dull MMA year that was 2014, this grudge match coming up was the highlight and the MMA world was buzzing about it. 

Then it happened. Just as quickly as the buzz for the fight was getting white hot, it was put in the deep freeze. On August 12th, Jones pulled out of the fight injured. 

The fight got pushed back until UFC 182 in January 2015. 


This time it actually FINALLY happened. I've noticed that whenever it's brought up people usually say it was a bit of a crap fight. I remember really enjoying it myself at the time. Apart from the result that is...



Jones won the decision. It wasn't anywhere near as easy as the majority of his other defences though. Looking back, aside from the Gustafsson fight, this was probably Jones' next toughest title defence. I'll have to rewatch it before the rematch but the way I remember it the first 3 rounds were really gripping and entertaining. A real struggle. Then Jones, cunt that he is, pulled ahead and dominated the championship rounds. I'll have another look when I get chance. 

Cormier was absolutely crushed by the loss. He was visibly upset post-fight and at the press conference. And Jones gave ZERO fucks...

"I don't like Daniel Cormier. I don't respect Daniel Cormier. I hope he's somewhere crying right now" - Jon Jones after UFC 182 

At that point, the question on everybody's mind was 'who the fuck can beat Jon Jones?' Cormier was an undefeated former top heavyweight going in, and he couldn't get it done. Who could give Jones serious problems? The answer, as usual with Jones, is himself. 


Jones was scheduled to make his next title defence in May against Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson. But in April 2015, Jones went for a drive with a load of cash, cocaine and weed in his car. And proceeded to drive like a complete wally and hit a pregnant woman in the process. He then fled the scene, and was seen by witnesses running back to grab his money from the car before legging it again. 

After that Jones was pulled from the Rumble fight at UFC 187 and stripped of his title. Daniel Cormier was put in against Rumble instead and it was for Jones' now vacant title. DC survived an early knockdown and came back to submit Rumble in the third round. 

Daniel Cormier was now the UFC light heavyweight champion. 


But there was only one thing on his mind in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan...


With Jones on the sidelines, Cormier started on his journey as champ. He beat Alexander Gustafsson in an epic 5 round war in October 2015. 

Then Jones' suspension was up and the rematch was booked for UFC 197 in April 2016. 


But again, it wasn't to be. This time it was Cormier pulling out with a foot injury. Jones instead fought Ovince Saint Preux at 197. Jones won handily but it was a dull fight and whether it was ring rust, disinterest, outside distractions or something else, Jones didn't look his usual self. He looked more human than ever and pretty fucking ordinary. 

The UFC kept pushing forward and with DC healthy again, the rematch with Jones was re-booked to headline the milestone UFC 200 PPV in July. 


But yet again it all went to shit. This time it got to within 3 days of the event and then Jones was flagged by USADA for doping. He's since claimed it was dick pills he took. Guess that's less embarrassing than saying you were taking PEDs. Cormier ended up fighting Anderson Silva in a last minute attempt at a save. It was a terrible fight but DC came away victorious. 

Cormier then followed that up with another submission win over Rumble Johnson in a title defence at UFC 210 in April this year. 

Jones was cageside watching the fight and Cormier, as always, wasn't lost for words in the Rogan post-fight interview...

"Is that guy even eligible to fight yet? Is he eligible to fight yet? Don't talk to me about a guy that's inelligible. When you get your shit together and you're ready to fight, I'll be waiting for you. You know it. I been waiting two years."

"Hey, as a fighter, I respect him. We just don't see eye to eye. So locking me in here with him, that's a favour. That's a favour. He's a good fighter...but still not eligible. When he gets his academics in order he can come back to the classroom!" - DC post-fight at UFC 210 



So here we are. Jones is back now, DC has some momentum and his confidence must be higher than ever. And the fight is just a month or so away. 

Make sure you watch this promo. Cormier vs Jones 2 - 'Gangsta's Paradise'...

Love that. 

Can't wait for this. It's got to be the longest running rivalry with the least actual fights ever. But there's something about the two of them for me, they've got that chemistry where you just feel like they can't exist in the same place without someone getting a hiding. Like Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, Bret Hart and Steve Austin, Batman and The Joker, John McClane and Hans Gruber and so on. 


Who do you want to win? Who do you think wins? Does the fight even happen? How does Jones self destruct this time or do you think his academics are good now? Plenty to talk about. 


Oh yeah, there is actually an undercard for this as well. I'll try and keep it sort of brief because I've waffled on enough already. 



Tyron Woodley vs Demian Maia is a late addition to the card. Fascinating matchup of styles here. Woodley's wrestling and explosive power. Maia's suffocating BJJ game and technical excellence. Both are usually dominant with their different styles of grappling. Both are strong starters who have been known to fade later in fights sometimes. Both in undoubtedly the best form of their careers right now. This is a great fight and a nice boost to a card that needed it. It has a decent chance of being dull on the night but it's going to be really interesting to see how they match up and how they both approach this one. I'd love to see Maia as UFC champ. Oh and according to Dana White, the plan is to have the winner of this fight defend against GSP. So that adds another layer of interest. 



Cris Cyborg vs Tonya Evinger is happening now. What a mess this has been. Basically for those not keeping score - Germaine De Randamie became the first ever UFC women's featherweight champion in February by beating Holly Holm to crown the inaugural UFC women's 145 queen. She then realised she'd be defending the belt against Cyborg and decided that shit wasn't for her and vacated the title she hadn't even defended. Yeah. Last I heard she's planning on moving back down to 135. 

That set up Cyborg vs Megan Anderson for this card. A really good fight on paper and Anderson actually seemed she'd be the first legit potential challenge for Cyborg in the UFC. But then Megan pulled out due to personal reasons we don't know and that was the end of that.

So now we've got Tonya Evinger stepping in. She's experienced, she's been fighting since 2006. She came up through the era when women's MMA wasn't really a proper thing and she fought the names of the time like Gina Carano and Julie Kedzie. She's been around and taken her knocks but she's got a solid 19-5-1 record and is the current Invicta 135lb champion. She's also 35 and will be coming up in weight to fight the most terrifying woman on the planet. 

This is going to be brutal. I don't see Evinger having anything for Cyborg. Hopefully it's mercifully short and we can get that Megan Anderson fight rescheduled for later in the year. 



Robbie Lawler vs Donald Cerrone is back on! I'm so chuffed with this that I'm giving it joint ***WAND'S ONE TO WATCH*** honours. I'm a bit surprised it's back on so soon actually. And a bit worried that Cowboy isn't going to be coming in healthy. From what Dana said Cerrone had a knee injury and staph infection. How's he going to be ready to go in like 3 weeks? But whatever, Lawler vs Cerrone is going down this month! I can't not be excited for this shit. 



Jimi Manuwa vs Volkan Oezdemir should be fun. You know this fight hasn't landed on this card by coincidence. This is an insurance policy so if Jones fucks up again, they can chuck Manuwa in with DC. Smart but let's hope it doesn't come to that. This is a good one in its own right though. Manuwa has really found his feet recently, scoring big KOs over OSP and Corey Anderson in his last 2 fights. One shot, one kill is his motto and he's got the power to back that up. And Oezdemir just made short work of Misha Cirkunov on the Sweden card. Cirkunov was starting to turn some heads and Oezdemir wiped him out quick. Looking forward to this one. 



Aljamain Sterling vs Renan Barao is an interesting clash of styles. I like Sterling. He rebounded from a couple of losses with an win on FOX in April. But this is a proper hard test for him. Barao has seen better days and he hasn't looked great at 145. This is his return to bantamweight. A division he once ruled but also a division where he struggled badly to make weight. Not sure what to make of this. Unless he's drastically changed something, I think he's going to suffer from cutting to 135 again. 



Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight is UFC 214's ***WAND'S ONE TO WATCH***. I really like the sound of this but it's a fight that will probably get overlooked and slept on. Lamas is coming off a submission over Charles Oliveira but has been inactive since November so he'll be itching to get back in there. And Knight is riding a 4 fight win streak. He TKO'd Chas Skelly and submitted Alex Caceres in his last 2 fights. He seems like he's really putting things together and he's always on the attack so he's good to watch.



Brian Ortega vs Renato Moicano is another standout fight on this card for me. I really like Ortega. He's been great whenever I've seen him. His grappling style is so exciting to watch and he doesn't shy away on the feet either. Moicano is 11-0 and outpointed Jeremy Stephens in April so he's no joke himself. 



Josh Burkman vs Drew Dober is probably going to be a good old scrap. Burkman doesn't really do boring fights and from what I recall of Dober he's similar. 



Kailin Curran vs Alexandra Albu is probably going to be seen as the eye candy/piss break fight. But Curran is usually in good entertaining fights. Her fight with Paige VanZant from a couple of years ago is still one of my favourite strawweight fights to date. Don't think I've seen Albu fight. 

So 214. It's alright isn't it? Not mega stacked like some PPVs but it's got a huge main event, an intriguing main event with the Cyborg factor and some solid stuff sprinkled throughout the undercard. 



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Wand. I'm all over your one to watch.  If Knight can pull off the win against Lamas, I really think they stick a rocket on him.  There's something about him that's genuine and likeable, while his skills are something else too. 

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13 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

Followed by one also informing me that the boxing promoter Frank Maloney was having a sex change. I ask you. You leave the country for 5 minutes! I thought my brother had to have been pissed and on the wind up. 

I remember a thread popping about it on Eastside Boxing forum. I thought it was a pisstake as well. 

Anyway, I'm going to be boring and predict a Jones win. I'm not sure whether he'll win points or stoppage. I am open to both. I just think that D.C is a good style match up for Jones. I can't see Jones having a bad night. I really hope that I'm wrong though

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There are a lot of factors that certainly can go against Jones, coming into this. He'll have not fought in over a year, when the fight arrives, and the last time that happened he looked human for the first time in his career (he did win, mind). He's also had a lot of distractions with the passing away of his mother. For all his character flaws, Jones has a crazy iron will and you wonder how much that sort of grief drains out of him.

Typing all that, I fully expect Jones to scrape a win, here. It's wins like this, with all the issues that I mentioned, which make it hard to argue he's the greatest.

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If the Jones we saw last time turns up, Cormier wins. On top of that, I think Cormier has been able to get rid of those demons that haunted him pre and post of the last Jones fight. He went through hell in the Gustaffson fight and came out the other end. I would say he performed better against Gus than Jones did too.

He's also had 3 fights since and made them all look easy so he hasn't taken much in damage either. 

I'm going Cormier by decision and god I hope he does pull it off. Imagine this year if we witness the miracle of seeing a humbled Jones and a KO'd Floyd Mayweather. Fuck it, it would the greatest year ever ahead of the birth of my 2 children and getting married to my wife. 

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Great post Wand, really got me extra hyped for this fight if that was possible. The tension that will be in the air on the night will be incredible. I've went for a D.C win, just hoping that Jones turns up like he did for the fight with OSP, and if that's the case, I'm with Lamby, Cormier will beat him. The build and anticipation for a potential rubber match would be huge for fans and for the UFC's ledger at the same time. 

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Cyborg/Anderson is off. Anderson injured, Cyborg is now fighting Invicta 135lb Champ Tonya Evinger on the same show. That's gonna be another massacre, the lack of any kind of credible challenger at 145 for Cyborg is just shit, the division is a joke.

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Jesus christ. I guess it should have been expected that something would go wrong with that fight, but the D.C/Jones fight had my attention enough that I didn't pay Cyborg/Anderson much heed. What a shambles this 'division' is turning out to be.

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8 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

Cyborg/Anderson is off. Anderson injured, Cyborg is now fighting Invicta 135lb Champ Tonya Evinger on the same show. That's gonna be another massacre, the lack of any kind of credible challenger at 145 for Cyborg is just shit, the division is a joke.

Are there any other Women's 145lb fighters for Cyborg to fight or that UFC could have brought in rather than Evinger?

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6 minutes ago, DJM said:

Are there any other Women's 145lb fighters for Cyborg to fight or that UFC could have brought in rather than Evinger?

Bellator has most of the decent 145lb women tied up but even if they were available, the ones not giving up talent would still be giving up a lot of size. The 145lb division is just too shallow at the moment, in terms of talented fighters, to make a serious go of it.


2 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

well Invicta has a featherweight division, no sure why they've brought up a 135lb'er.

They have a division but not much depth in terms of having real, top quality fighters.

Right now, the talent and depth is there for 115lbs and 135lbs and you may be able to add 105lbs and 125lbs as well. In fact, UFC should probably have gone for 125lbs because it would help the fighters who are stuck in the middle of either cutting too much weight to fight at 115lbs or giving up too much weigh when fighting at 135lbs. But 145lbs is just too barren in terms of quality. Yes, you could probably hire a bunch of women to fill out the division, but few if any of them would be good enough for the UFC. The ideal place for such a division right now is somewhere like Invicta, where it’s more acceptable to see fighters who are not quite the finished product. And right now, the majority of 145lb women are not the finished product.

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6 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

its one of them days, Barao/Sterling is now off.

I believe it's still on, just not 135lbs. The CSAC didn't want Barao making the cut to 135lbs because of his weight cutting issues in the past. But they're fine with the fight going ahead at a catchweight of 140lbs.

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