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General Adnan's Football 17/18

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1 hour ago, NoUseforaUsername said:

I'm not positive on this but I think Mourinho sicked Materazzi on Balotelli when he was at Inter.

Ive always thought of Jose as a mother bird looking after her chicks, but I didn't realise he actually ate Marco Materazzi and regurgitated him to feed another player. Although it doesn't surprise me. 

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5 minutes ago, Steve Justice said:

I think you (and others, it seems) have taken it the wrong way (Kenneth Williams pic). 

I wasn't offended, just offering an observation that the downvotes might not have been Spurs related.  Much better Williamsing there.

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I was reading an interview with Jason Dodd yesterday about Luke Shaw and his opinion is that Shaw is someone who will coast through matches and training if you leave him to his own devices. He always needs a shove and motivating and if that's the case then United should never have bought him in the first place. Getting to play for a club that size shouldn't require any additional motivation.

That said, Mourinho's treatment of him is ridiculous, to the point where I hope Shaw takes this matter to the authorities. This isn't an isolated incident, this is several times this has happened now and it isn't achieving anything. Shaw isn't playing any better as a result of Mourinho's attacks, some of the players have been uncomfortable with it as well, and a club of United's size shouldn't be seen to be allowing bullying, which is what this is.

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