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BomberPat    100

@scotswizard, I know you're a one-note troll, but here's a few points for you to consider;

1. When I want advice on how to draw money in professional wrestling, my first instinct is rarely to ask, "what does Disco Inferno think about this?".

2. "Mexican stars and guys under masks never draw money in WWE" - how many Rey Mysterio masks do you think they've sold? Hell, how many tinpot little indie shows make money flogging Rey Mysterio masks to kids? If you can't make money off a masked wrestler, you've got no place in the wrestling business.

3. "No Japanese star has been a star in America" - Aside from a handful of historic examples, this is the closest you've got to right, though not through any semblance of logic.
Nakamura is perfectly positioned to make huge money right now, and aside from old-fashioned Vince Russo xenophobia, I see no reason why he won't. Just because Japanese wrestlers have rarely been draws in the West doesn't mean that they can't be draws in the West. Times and tastes change.

4. Wrestlers aren't more dependent on strikes and working a tighter style now because "they all want to be Japanese wrestlers", styles change over time - the Japanese and Mexican styles are more influenced by WWE than they used to be, and vice-versa.
On top of that, UFC is a major mainstream success - you're adamant, in one breath, that wrestlers should appear to be legit hard men, and constantly claiming that "the average man at home can take you in a real fight" - well, because UFC exists, more and more people know what a real fight between skilled fighters actually looks like. What that means is that, in wrestling, you can't get away with drawn out gimmicky Hogan finger-wagging or submission holds that wouldn't hurt a fly any more if you're trying to convince people that you're fighting for real - isn't that what you want, people to think wrestling is real, and not that "the average man at home can take you in a real fight"?

In another thread, you complained that wrestlers throw too many kicks that if they were real would knock you out. Yet now you're complaining that they're kicking each other in the face for real. Surely, if they're kicking each other in the face for real, and not getting knocked out, the "average man at home" wouldn't be able to take them in a real fight? Which one is it?

I'll let you in on a little secret - if you get kicked in the face for real, routinely, multiple times a night, several nights a week, as you're suggesting is the case in WWE, you end up with a roster full of blokes with chipped teeth, black eyes, broken noses and all manner of bumps and bruises. How often do you see any of that on RAW or Smackdown? WWE want their top stars - their John Cenas and Roman Reignses - to look like unblemished living action figures. They don't want them getting kicked so hard in the face that they break their nose, blacken their eye, or do anything to them that would make them look less than perfect. If WWE think you're likely to pose a significant risk of inflicting any of those things on their top stars, they're not booking you - period.

Throwing legit strikes to people's faces is a fast-track to not being booked by WWE. Ergo, WWE stars are not "kicking each other in the head and face for real". Though that they've convinced you otherwise would suggest they're rather good at their jobs.

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kamicazze    0

Back on topic. I think Tag teams could have really benefitted. Hart Dynasty would have been over long before they made the main roster.


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