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5 Star Wrestling - Massive UK Tournament

Tim R-T-C

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8 hours ago, Statto said:

By far the best thing about their TV special, IMO, was the backstage interviewer describing Rey Mysterio having his knee taken out in a blindside attack after the match as "a nasty challenge".

I presume she usually does local football somewhere or something.

She does stuff for CNN etc. Clearly more used to football though.


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More announcements and they are not going for any smaller locales.

24/6 - Belfast SSE

8/7 - Dundee Ice Arena

15/7 - GE Oil and Gas Aberdeen

29/7 - Cardiff Motorpoint

12/8 - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

No new talent announcements yet. Their Facebook comments sound like a Donald Trump press release, full of talk of massive names and exciting announcements to follow soon. Might need to get a few more names out of the door sooner rather than later, particularly if they want to shift some £165 seats on the promise of VIP meet and greet and exciting merchandise (to be announced).

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If you buy tickets via their website you make a massive saving, at least you do for the Liverpool show on June 10.

The Liverpool show, via the Echo Arena website, only has £33.50, £50 and £160 tickets available, but if you buy via the 5 Star website, you can get the £33.50 tickets for £15 (+£4.50 postage/admin costs).


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Interesting that from mid-June through at least August, WCPW will be running a show every week on a Friday (all in Manchester) and 5 Star will be running a show every week on a Saturday (different venues UK-wide).

Most of the people who attend Manchester shows also attend Liverpool shows too due to the close proximity of the cities, and in the space of 4 days, there's NXT in Manchester (June 6), WCPW in Manchester (June 9) and 5 Star in Liverpool (June 10). Attendance for all 3 that week will be interesting.

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Also: Copper Box Arena London - August 5th

The first show is less than a month away in Liverpool and Morrison, Moose, PJ and Carlito the only names announced. No format yet announced. Unfortunately there is no seat selection option for the tickets for that show to see how it is selling.

Now I love wrestling and for another British company to succeed and make a success story would be fantastic, but with limited information to try and get people interested, it is going to be very hard to sell enough tickets to book these large arenas and it would do great damage to the resurgent Brit-wres business for shows to suffer last minute cancellations at such big venues.

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Just getting surreal now, apparently they have offered $1 million to CM Punk for him to come and work the tournament!

I'm guessing this is 90% PR stunt, but if they actually brought him over and booked him in some one-off matches, it would probably get pretty good attendance.

Other than Punk though, still got just 4 names down of 128 with 3 weeks to go until the first show!

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So this is no longer airing on Spike as planned right due to the Impact contract? Maybe chopped up at a later date......

Punk would be crazy not to do this surely? Work a bunch of 7 minute matches and totally phone it in for that money.

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