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LPW Halloween Bash 2017


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LPW Wrestling




Halloween Bash


Sponsored by Jimmy's furniture


Venue: Stanningley Rugby Club, Ls13 1ap


LPW Wrestling is pleased to announce our 13th show featuring some of the top WAW wrestlers. 


Date: 28th October 2017


 Tickets: £10 adults, £5 kids under 12, £25 2 kids and 2 adults.


 Meet & Greet £10


Line up Subject to change

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Given their family feud in LPW, I wonder if we will see a "Fright Knight" match/stipulation of some sort?


I know I have form, but I'm not taking the piss with these pun type posts. I hope the pun rule is in effect. I'm sure Adam and Ricky will have a great night of entertainment planned.

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Keith i am not interested in any of your ideas, if you think your that much of a better promoter back your mouth up and run a show. I know what i want for LPW and there is only gonna be 1 person i will listen to and thats Ricky

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Well, I am a better wrestling promoter than you as my balance sheet stands at even. If you're only interested in what Ricky says then why are you running a poll on which match you'd like to see?


For the record, I've ran shows for 20 years in music and theatre without costing my parents thousands. I was going to offer you my services by doing a 100 word write up for each match hyping them instead of your usual of posting names and giving people something to invest in why they are fighting. I want you to run at least one profitable show so the fuckers like Danny Rodd who harassed you can eat their words. But fuck you.


I'd say I hope you lose money on every show, but you always will.

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Thanks all i needed to see, to show everyone the real disrepectful Keith. U say so Rodd can eat his words your no better than him because of what you just said.


Please can someone ban Keith from LPW threads.


There is no need to post on here again till near the time of the show, so i am off

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