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It's today then ... (Trump thread)

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Quick clarification on the impeachment/consequences:

* Impeachment is done by a simple majority of the House of Representatives. (That's almost certainly happening as a majority of members have already said they'll do it.) It has no consequences other than the House can then send it over to the Senate. It's happened three times before (Johnson, Clinton. Trump.)

* Once the Senate receives the articles of impeachment it has to hold a trial which ends in a vote whether to convict, which requires a 2/3 majority. That's never happened before, largely because of the party splits. It's been nearly 60 years since one party had 2/3 of the seats, so conviction will almost always require cross-party support.

* If there's a conviction, the immediate effect is removal from office. They also lose several privileges and benefits that go to former Presidents such as their pension, though they do retain lifetime Secret Service protection.

* After conviction, the Senate can also vote to ban them from holding office in the future, which only requires a straight majority. This vote can only happen if you've had the conviction with the 2/3 vote.

* There's nothing to prevent an impeachment/conviction after somebody's left office, though obviously the removal from office wouldn't have any effect. You could still do the ban on future office. It's not entirely clear if the loss of pension etc would still happen.

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Trump's statement where he complains about being silenced, on the very social media service that he's twice been banned from.

I can't wait until all we can get a full account of his behaviour at moments like this. It certainly looks to me like he's only agreed to denounce the violence if he could keep moaning about losing his Twitter.

Stories coming out that he's refusing to pay Rudy Giuliani now too.

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1 minute ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

They're not going to get a 2/3 majority in the Senate this time, are they? If only 10 Republican Congresspeople voted for it, I can't imagine a third of Republican Senators will.

I dont think they will tbh. There's maybe the chance that in an attempt to distance themselves from Trump, they throw him under the bus and try & push the 'lone wolf' narrative (like if he was a white terrorist)? Suspect I'm clutching at straws though. 

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