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UFC on FOX: Shevchenko vs Pena - Jan 28

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Poll: Who wins and how?

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Valentina Shevchenko vs Julianna Pena

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Donald Cerrone vs Jorge Masvidal

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Andrei Arlovski vs Francis Ngannou

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#46 Egg Shen

Egg Shen


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Posted 02 February 2017 - 16:16

It doesn't matter now but did anybody else think Herb Dean bottled the stoppage at end of round 1 in the Cerrone/Masvidal fight?

It looked like he jumped in before the buzzer (cause Donald was finished).

Completely did, even looked like he made the waving it off gesture.

Masvidal looked awesome, glad to see him making some strides. The added aggression to his game has done him wonders, he's fighting with even more condfidence now as well and its made him dangerous as hell. I love the bloke. Cowboy started well but you could fell the momentum switching and the less success he was having the more discouraged he started to look.

Cowboy/Lawler is nice, but even go for Masvidal/Lawler.

#47 wandshogun09


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Posted 02 February 2017 - 16:25

In an ideal world I like Lawler vs Cerrone and Maia vs Masvidal myself.

But I guess it depends on if Maia is going to sit out and wait to fight the Woodley vs Wonderboy winner. You'd assume he will but while he's sitting out guys like Masvidal are building momentum. It's a risky game to play as someone could leapfrog Maia for the title shot if he sits out. Out of sight, out of mind etc. Maia is undoubtedly the most deserving contender after UFC 209 IMO, but Masvidal is nipping at his heels now with this Cowboy win for me. Cerrone was on a streak at 170 and Masvidal fucked him up. If Maia chooses to sit out, yeah I'd probably go with Lawler vs Masvidal next. But I'd rather Lawler vs Cerrone and Maia vs Masvidal. I like those matchups style wise a lot.

Edit - apparently the UFC wanted to do Maia vs Nick Diaz! According to Dana they reached out to Diaz to offer him the fight but have heard nothing back. Dana said something like "if we don't hear back we'll give the fight to Masvidal", so Maia vs Masvidal! But Masvidal's saying Maia's turned it down and wants to sit out for the title shot.

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#48 the_mole


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Posted 02 February 2017 - 18:57

I used to like the Diaz brothers but some of their fans are insufferable and it's turned me against them, they think they are getting fucked over by the UFC and the judges, Nick has only lost a fight because his opponent ran or layed on him and somehow the UFC hates them.

Yet they get offered top level fights all the time and turn them down, seriously beating Maia would get you a title fight, he has much better Boxing and the last guy to beat Maia and mostly on the ground if i remember right is one of their main training partners Jake Shields.
Dana White:- I believe that fighting was the first sport on Earth. I believe that two men popped up on Earth, somebody said something, somebody threw a punch and whoever was standing around ran over to go watch it. I have no proof whatsoever, but I guarantee you that fucking happened. Before a guy picked up a stick and said, “Hey, throw me that thing!” and fucking hit it, or some guy threw a fucking rock through a circle, somebody got punched in the face and people sat around and watched it.

#49 Chunk


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Posted 02 February 2017 - 19:33

Maia is a nightmare for Diaz, surely? He's exactly the type of guy that beats Diaz and Diaz complains about - i.e. wont stand and trade.

#50 Carbomb

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Posted 02 February 2017 - 22:48

Honestly, as someone who never caught the Diaz Bros. in their prime, I really don't understand the leaway they get. Sure, they "move the needle", but just how long can they do that for when they lose so often, and, more importantly, why does everyone think they're so wonderful? They're a couple of wankers. Even if you're one of those people who sees "brazen tosser" as "straight-talking dude", surely there's only so much appeal their trash-talk has when it's clear they generally can't back it up? McGregor can be irritating, but he captures the imagination because he wins, or avenges the losses. Their sense of entitlement is ridiculous too; why should they get "money fights" when they don't fight the "meat and veg" fights to build up the interest after they've lost?


And that calling grapplers pussies thing - what the fuck is that? If they really think that, why the hell don't they just fuck off to GLORY and get their heads kicked off? MMA without grappling is kick-boxing, so just fucking do that then.

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