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Make a shit film better....by adding just one scene


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So after a discussion a while ago in work about how awful "the notebook" is (missus made me watch) i had a great idea.


At the end when he is reading the diary to his missus she dies and birds all cry.


Imagine the guy stands up, puts the diary in a bag, moves into the next room and sits down, pulls a different diary out and starts reading to a different woman. Turns out he is just fucking with all these old womens heads.....


Any others?


For example i love the meme at the end of Frozen where charles xavier wheels in and tries to recruit Elsa.

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If, in "The Sweetest Thing", the entire film is replaced by a lesbian sex scene with the three female leads, it might be salvageable.

I'd keep the elephant in though.


Operation Yewtree turning up to arrest Bruce Willis at the end of sixth sense would have been a better twist.

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Revenge of the Sith


Vader is lying motionless on the stretcher. A beeping can be heard, and a light flashes on his chest mounted control panel. Servo motors can be heard and the stretcher raises him to an upright position.




It starts off low, but the horror manifesting itself inside Vader cannot be contained. He screams.


"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!.......huh? What the...? Oh thank God, it that shit with the podracers and midicloreans was just a dream".

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