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14 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

Nice to see Kushida’s debut was overshadowed by a dad in the audience trying to get his child over.

I hate WWE crowds.

What was he doing to put the attention on his kid?

Surely this is a one-off for Kushida in a “you can see Kushida on NXT, Coming to USANetwork next week love!” sort of way

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I'd have called him '205 Clive.'

That list just shows how pointless a cruiserweight division is in this era.

Fuck sake. If it wasn't for that guy, Kushida could have been playing to the sound of silence. Ruined it for everyone.

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Full-on No DQ match this week with Kendrick and Tozawa. They don’t hold back. There’s one spot in particular that I don’t think I’ve seen in WWE since the heyday of Perry Saturn in the Hardcore division, where Tozawa gets a chair thrown at him mid-dive. They show on the replay it’s a completely unprotected headshot as well. Not something you expect to see in WWE full stop, let alone on 205.

It'll be interesting to see how the show changes in the next few weeks, not just because of the NXT thing, but also depending on how many more of the current cruisers get moved onto Raw or Smackers. Theoretically LHP and Gulak have already gone.

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Me again. 205 has entered another of its boring phases - it’s probably the dullest it’s been since Enzo Amore was Champion - but this week’s does feature a Brian Kendrick promo where the term “professional wrestler” is used more frequently in five minutes than in probably the last 20 years of WWE television.

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