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On 2/3/2018 at 10:23 PM, Statto said:

It’s about 5 years later & I still can’t believe TNA introduced him to the screen as Dixie Carter’s goofy, toadying Chief-of-Staff but had him called Rockstar Spud. It just makes zero sense, particularly as I’m pretty sure the British Bootcamp show hadn’t been seen by the vast majority of the audience so there was no value carried through there.

This is because TNA don't consider themselves bigger than anyone. Any chance they can capitalise on the slightest cache of a fanbase/buzz and they'll do it. Grado is another prime example, they brought him in with no internal build and presented him cold to their main US audience as a largely unknown slightly overweight Scottish comedy act (and I say that as a huge fan of Grado). WWE don't give a shit about outside buzz unless there's money to be made.. Nakamura, Joe and Roode came in under real names, but they still put them into NXT to grow a reputation with their audience. Outside of that, Itami, Balor, Asuka, Killian Dain, all repackaged under the WWE umbrella. AJ finally got signed because he went to Japan and became arguably the best all round package on the planet. 2 years earlier and they'd have been debuting him as Kentucky McSouthern in the 3rd segment on RAW.

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I'd have called him '205 Clive.'

That list just shows how pointless a cruiserweight division is in this era.

Fuck sake. If it wasn't for that guy, Kushida could have been playing to the sound of silence. Ruined it for everyone.

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Didn't think of that. Although to be honest, I'd keep him well clear of the whole thing. I know it's going through a bit of a resurgence, but I don't think they should risk giving Dunne that '205 stank' that he may struggle to get rid of. I'd chuck him straight onto Raw when they're ready to stick him on regular TV.

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