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Random Thoughts III.


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One of Earthquake's children posted a picture on Reddit, and this great story about him was the top reply.


Secondly, I wanted to share a quick story of your dad that really made me and my brothers summer back in the early 90's. The WWF was running a house show at a maybe 5,000 seat civic center in a smallish town in Florida and my dad worked for a construction company that was doing the renovations on it that were ongoing on the day of the show. He was in no way a wrestling fan but knew how much my 7 year old brother and I loved it.

Because he had an all access badge for the arena due to the construction work, my dad took us a few hours early to the show to walk around. He had access to a special lot behind the building where we parked. It was facing this pretty big pond that was known for good fishing. As luck would have it, my brother and I's absolute favorites were The Hart Foundation and they were out fishing by the pond killing time in the hours before the show started along with one of the Beverly Brothers. My dad, who wasn't starstruck at all because he had no idea who any of the guys were, got into a fishing conversation with the Harts and eventually they were talking to me and my brother. We told them how excited we were to see them on the card tonight and they asked us who our least favorite wrestler was. We both immediately said The Earthquake because of what he did to Hulk Hogan and Damian the snake.

Lo and behold like 20 minutes later, Earthquake comes walking out in street clothes towards the Harts to hang out. Will never forget this, Jim Neidhart cuts him off, starts whispering in his ear and comes back. Like two minutes later Earthquake storms up, cuts a promo on my brother and I and starts doing the earthquake stomp in a circle around us. We were horrified momentarily until Bret Hart and Jim Neidhardt stormed over, put on a show to protect us and Earthquake begged off and went back into the building.

It was the most completely unnecessary gesture given everyone involved had likely been on the road for weeks, driven hundreds of miles that day from the closest major city to get to us, and just probably wanted to relax without a dad and his two kids impeding on their personal time. We have told that story for years and it made my dad a fan for the next 15 years.

Probably no more than a few minutes of your dad's life but he created a moment for my family that we still talk about to this day when he absolutely could have just blown us off. So sorry your loss and thank you to your family for the memory.


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10 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Remember when Earthquake had a tryout for WWF in 2001, and all the reporters were like "that old cunt has no chance of getting work." He was the same age as Fin Balor now.

I love to think that, in a world where the Invasion didn't happen, Earthquake would have been knocking about instead.

As for ages, aside from Earthquake always having looked like his own dad, I did a comparison on the Gimmick Battle Royal entrants recently. Everyone in the Gimmick Battle Royal was someone that seemed like a relic of a past age, so far past relevance that you could never have taken any of them seriously as a member of the roster again. Yet...

  • The Undertaker is now older than Sgt. Slaughter was in the Gimmick Battle Royal. Shane McMahon is the same age Slaughter was when he became WWF Commissioner.
  • Bushwhacker Butch and Nikolai Volkoff, at the time of Wrestlemania 17, were the same age The Undertaker is now.
  • Typhoon and The Goon were younger then than Triple H is now. Hillbilly Jim was the same age Triple H is now.
  • Earthquake was younger than John Cena and, as mentioned, the same age as Balor.
  • Michael Hayes was the same age as John Cena and AJ Styles.
  • One Man Gang was the same age as Brock Lesnar
  • Kamala was younger than The Undertaker
  • Repo Man was younger than Matt Hardy
  • Duke Droese, in the Gimmick Battle Royal, was younger than Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Baron Corbin. Fucker was my age.
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That's all bonkers.

One that popped into my head fairly recently was based on Jerry Lawler pleading with Austin to stop beating up Vince back in 1999 because "he's 53 years old!", which for some reason is a line of commentary that has stuck in my mind.

Vince's son turns 50 soon and is being pushed as a top heel.

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7 minutes ago, The Dart said:

I just remember when Bob Backlund came back in 1992 and his storyline was basically can this ancient fart from the past still even get in the ring at his old age without having a heart attack.  And he was 44.  AJ Styles is 42.

True, but when he come back (was it 94?) he looked like he was in his 50's. AJ styles could pass as being late 30's

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