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What, we're throwing spinning shit now?


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I was going to just whack this in the Podcast thread or the YouTube cool finds thread or whatever but thought fuck it.




It's Nick Diaz on the Opie radio show from earlier this week. It's only around half an hour or so long so it won't take up half your day like some radio/podcast stuff does. And it covers a load of shit in that 30 odd minutes. He talks about his brother Nate's fights with Conor McGregor, growing up in Stockton, his love/hate relationship with fighting, swimming from Alcatraz, how he met Andre Ward and his sparring with him over the years, GSP, he even touches on the UFC trying to send him on Blind Date years ago!


If you can get past his 'I've never actually lost a fight where the opponent has actually fought me instead of wrestling/running away' twaddle, it's good stuff.


A few highlights for those who can't watch at work and stuff...


On the build up to the GSP fight in 2013;

When I fought Georges St Pierre I had like a soccer mom pulling up next to me at a stop light and she's going 'I HOPE GSP BEATS YOUR ASS'. I'm like 'Bitch, we're in Lodi'. We're in Lodi and I got a soccer mom coming up. Where's the hometown love, right?"

On sacrificing living the family life to live the fighter life;

"I put a lot into this. People don't understand, you wanna come into this with a nice wife and a nice life and I'm like 'Motherfucker, I didn't get none of that. I don't get to go home to my nice wife and nice life. And if you're doing that every day and you're putting all that effort into your nice wife and nice life...I'm putting 100% into what I do. I'm gonna fuck your whole world up. Right in front of your nice wife and your nice life. It's not gonna be fun.'"

On not needing a title to be a star in MMA;

"I don't care anymore. I don't need the fucking belt. I negotiated Pay Per View into my contract without a title. I'm the first one to ever do that. And these motherfuckers were all pointing the finger at me, calling me stupid."

So yeah, we've got an MMA forum now. And every other MMA forum has a Nick Diaz thread. Why not us? Anything you want to post about Nick Diaz, share it here. Whether it's your memories of his fights, reviewing his old fights, favourite interviews, quotes, whatever. Or discuss his potential return now his suspension is up. Who do you want to see him fight? How do you expect the UFC to justify his next 3 title shots etc :p




Pamper my shit let and right, motherfuckers!

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I loved Diaz's Strikeforce run.


From 2009-2011, I looked forward to Strikeforce shows he headlined more than the average UFC PPV. A lot of it was clever and favourable matchmaking, but it was really fun to watch. The fight with Daley was probably the highlight, but all of his Strikeforce fights from that period delivered in one way or another. There wasn't a dud in the bunch. 


The Primetime leading up to the Condit fight was expertly done as well. For a brief period there, he was probably the hottest star in the UFC, or at least the most entertaining. The fight itself summed up his career. He felt he won the fight, but lost the game. I actually scored the fight for him, but couldn't argue when others scored it for Condit. He had his most high profile fights after this period with Anderson and GSP respectively, but they are not what I will remember him for. Give me flipping off Franky Shams, tapping Cyborg with relative ease, and trading bombs with Paul Daley. 

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As much as i loved to watch Diaz fight back in Strikeforce i've gotta be honest and say i pretty much rooted against him in nearly every fight. Like Jim said a lot of the matchmaking was favourable but i always wanted to see Diaz get his commuppence. With each passing fight i used to think 'this is a guy Diaz can't trade with' and every time he'd pull it out and outlast very good strikers...Zaromskis, Cyborg, Noons, Daley etc. Great stuff though, that Strikeforce era with Frank Shamrock in the mix is one of my favorite periods of MMA. Diaz/Semtex is an all-time classic.

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Nick Diaz talking to TMZ about the Woodley vs Thompson fight, GSP and Bisping...




So according to Diaz, him and Bisping actually talked about making a fight between them happen. I'd still love to see that fight at some point.

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