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Who Do You Associate With Certain Belts?


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Random topic, although I was looking into the IC title history recently to be surprised that certain people I have in my mind as "the main holder of the IC title", didn't really hold it that long at all. And I've just had it in my mind that certain people/teams with their respective titles just relate to them specifically for some reason.


IE Hogan with the "winged Eagle" or New Age Outlaws and the tag team titles.


In relation to the Ic title specifically, for me its this guy:




MR PERFECT, was THE guy for me, and I've always related the IC title to him specifically....although was shocked to find (despite holding it for close to a year altogether) that he only held it twice, and during that run. Barring that he there have been longer runs, and more "famous" names as well. Yet he's always the guy I think of hah.


Who relates to the relevant belts in your mind?

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List time!


The IC title for me is Chris Jericho. I guess that makes sense since he's had it a hundred or so times over the course of a decade. (on a side note, I was procrastinating with Sporcle quizzes yesterday, and after having done the IC Champions one then the WWE Champions, I noticed that more than half of the people who've been WWE Champion had also been IC Champ at some point. 26 out of 48 (49 if you count Inoki).) The IC was always my favourite title (I don't know why, maybe it just seemed more achievable, maybe I just liked the way the belt looked) but Jericho was never my favourite champ.


For the tag titles I don't actually think of a team, but rather Edge by himself. Again probably because he had them so many times with various partners over the years.


WWE Title… I think it's Stone Cold Steve Austin, actually. When I picture the belt I see him with it in 2001. 


Big Gold Belt is Triple H, sorry Ric.


For the US Title, it's John Cena who comes to mind first - but the Cena of 2003/2004 before I remember a second later that he had it for most of last year as well.


And finally, the European Title will always be William Regal's for me.

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IC Title: Shawn Michaels (with The Fink on microphone duty, obvs).


Tag Titles: First image that comes to my mind is the Legion of Doom.


WWE Title: The Hulkster.


US Title: John Cena.


I think those are the only ones I hold particular associations with. Strongest of all is the HBK-IC connection. Because of him (and partially others like Perfect), as a kid I always wanted to be that champion instead of the world champ.

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It's hard this one, different titles and era's aint it, nailed down I'd say....


IC Title - Bret Hart


WWE Title - There are 2 really, Hulk Hogan with the old winged eagle and representing my childhood, and Stone Cold with the Big Attitude Era belt.


Tag Belts - Demolition


WCW Title - Flair probably


Strongest association of all the above I'd say is Hogan holding that winged eagle title from when I began watching through until Mania 9 that WAS my Wrestling image, I'd doodle it as a kid and just wished I could get my hands on that belt, then I got the foam one for Christmas and nothing else mattered.

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Winged eagle: Shawn Michaels, 1996

Attitude Era title: Triple H, 2000 (possibly the best anyone's ever looked with a title)

Smackdown WWE championship: JBL!

Big Gold Belt: Hollywood Hogan, sadly. Mostly lying on the mat whilst it gets covered in shit

Intercontinental title: Jericho

Tag belts: Edge & Christian

Hardcore title: Al Snow

European title: Eddie Guerrero, although I wish it was D'Lo ("from Milan, Italy")

Lightheavyweight title: Dean Malenko

U.S. title: Cena

Spinner: Cena


Cool idea. I kind of wrote them all in a flash without thinking but it's completely apparent I started watching in 2000.

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WWE title- First to spring to mind was The Rock, doing his waiving the title in the air whilst standing on the turnbuckle thing.


WCW Championship- Goldberg. That belt around big Bill's waist summarises my memory of watching WCW in my early teens.


Intercontinental title- Mr Perfect. This was his belt wasn't it.


European championship- D Lo Brown. Aslong as he's hailing from Sweden.


Tag titles- New Age Outlaws. "TAG TEAM CHAMPIONNNNNNNNS OF THE WOOOOOORRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLD" seems to be engrained on my brain and they were the only team I could think of when thinking of the tag belts.


Hardcore title- Crash Holly. Or Pete Gas. Ok, Crash.

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Cool idea. I kind of wrote them all in a flash without thinking but it's completely apparent I started watching in 2000.

Its just one of those things,  that you think about without realising it.


As an example, somebody has said LOD for  tag team belts.......even though they held them 2 times in total, (once in 92 and once during the attitude era I believe feel free to correct me) but that's the point, you just think of [whatever] Title and think of a person or a team hah.


Mr perfect for me just represents the IC title in my mind, despite him holding in twice back in 1990, where as others have had it countless times/been on TV more, but I just think of him hah.

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WWF Title always says Ultimate Warrior to me. That period where he'd change the colour of the leather - it looked glorious.


IC Title is Bret Hart. Easy. If I think of a modern one though, I'd think of Chris Jericho circa 2000. 16 years ago being modern obvs.


Ric Flair is the image of the NWA or WCW Titles.


US Title I always think of the Cena spinner belt.

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I started watching wrestling in the late ‘90s, which will be clear as day in my choices, but:


WWF Championship: The Rock

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho

WWF World Tag Team Championship: Edge & Christian

WWF Hardcore Championship: Crash Holly

WWF Women’s Championship: Trish Status


WCW World Heavyweight Championship: DDP

WCW World Tag Team Championship: Natural Born Thrillers

WCW U.S. Heavyweight Championship: No one really stands out for me holding this in late-‘90s/early-‘00s WCW

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Billy Kidman


WWE Championship: John Cena

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (who else?)

WWE United States Championship: Eddie Guerrero

WWE Divas Championship: Mickie James

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IC Title- Perfect, I think he was a strong champion, held the title for so long and you were not sure if he would lose it and the Perfectplex was a great finisher.

WWE/F- Hogan, but only because he was champion so long and wished he would just not be there.

WCW- Flair and Sting spring to mind. Both had great feuds over it and some great matches,

Cruiserweight- Rey Mysterio, he was just in it alot and part of main feuds in WCW despite being a Cruiserweight, he then went on to be WWE champion.

IWGP- Tanahashi- Held it God knows how many times, strong headliner and face of a company for years.

IWGP Jr HW- Liger- Held it 11 times, wrestled some fantastic matches for it.

X Division- Obviously Styles, he was the main guy when it started and made it the big sell product of a promotion.

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