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Looking to start a Wrestling Brand


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Hey there, just signed up to this forum and it looks great... 

But yeah, i'm looking to start an online Wrestling brand, starting on Facebook. (Eventually a website, twitter, instagram, etc.) 

I'm putting a set amount of money in each month so that's taken care of, i'm just after people to help out on this journey.

If this sounds good, let me know. I'm only after two people to start with.



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Ok guys, great! 

Sorry for the late reply, I have had a few issues but i'm back now. Here is an update..


A facebook page has been launched. Today. 

This page will have my backing. I will be putting cash into it. I DON'T want cash from anyone else. :)


I will be buying a dot.com domain name, once again my cash. You don't pay a thing.

With the domain i will be linking it to a site built and paid for by myself. 


SO.. where do you come in? right? 

I need a team of 5. (Counting myself) to write articles. Their views on RAW/Smackdown/NXT and send them to me.

I will upload them as a section on the site with your name on them.

We will be a team working together to get established so the articles will need to be at a good standard.


EVENTUALLY i will be looking at taking the company further and running live wrestling events.

Once we make profit people will have further roles within the company and will be paid.


Does this sound good? if so... inbox me. I have had only one inbox about this so far. 

I will be taking steps late december , replying to everyone and making the official start of the brand in January. The Launch.


Thank you!

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