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Looking to start a Wrestling Brand


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Hey there, just signed up to this forum and it looks great... I'm from a small town and only know a handful of people who like Wrestling, the rest seem to laugh. 

Been a fan all my life, a huge Bret Hart/Cm Punk mark... 


But yeah, i'm looking to start an online Wrestling brand, starting on Facebook. (Eventually a website, twitter, instagram, etc.) 

I'm putting a set amount of money in each month so that's taken care of, i'm just after people to help out on this journey. You will have an admin on the Facebook page (Write posts,pictures, help with ideas)


If this sounds good, let me know. I'm only after two people to start with.



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What is an "online Wrestling brand"? Those are just 3 unconnected words to me.

It used to be called a website but now it needs to be across platforms, blah, blah.


Good luck, WrestlingDan. Not sure it's worth it these days unless you've got a niche but all the best anyway.

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I'll get involved but only if I can be the world champion.


Actually, this just gave me an idea. Probably stupid but it might be fun? How about an online 2K17 fed on here? Anyone up for it? Get 10-20 of us, we all get drawn a wrestler (or use CAW's) and everyone gets 1 match a week. Shouldn't be too difficult to set up. Draw the matches on a weekend and it'll give the two players (or however many are in the match) a chance to organise when they'll play it. Like I say, probably stupid but it might be fun and you could have titles and Royal Rumbles/HIACs/Elimination Chambers etc coincide when they're on actual telly?

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