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Tidal Wrestling & CZW Against All Odds 3 20/11/16 Leeds O2 Academy


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Against All Odds # 3 : COMBAT EDITION



Our 2nd collaboration with Combat Zone Wrestling, everyone's favourite East Coast renegades :)
We started the AAO Series with a delegation from Combat Zone Wrestling and the first show at Leeds Uni back in 2014. Last year Hardcore Holly came along to mangle Joseph Conners and now, at the O2 Academy in Downtown Dirty Leeds, Team TCW go up against Team CZW one more time



RAMPAGE BROWN vs AR FOX. Anyone who saw Rampage go against Joe Coffey at Leeds Uni knows he’s not just the brawler some may expect and has a wide skillset, and every now and then he likes to be tested, so we found a different kind of a challenger for him. AR Fox has done it all on the U.S. Indies whether in Dragon Gate, PWG, Beyond, Evolve or countless other companies but his heart has always been at CZW, to the point that he was part of the 2015 Cage of Death main event bloodbath alongside Matt Tremont, Masada and Devon Moore. The arial style is a big part of his offence but he can go toe to toe and guarantees Rampage a fight



LIAM SLATER vs ‘The Product’ DAVID STARR – The former Lazarus faces another strong opponent in The King Of Taunts, The Jewish Cannon, The Product. A regular on the CZW roster but seemingly everywhere else on the East Coast indie scene too, and occasionally TNA. Both guys are solid straight forward no bullshit wrestlers, more than capable of a 5 star match. This could steal the show



THE PROVEN vs SCARLET & GRAVES – The team of Dezmond Zavier & Zachary Wentz have been shaking things on the East Coast wrestling scene. Alligned with Dave Crist and Brittany Blake as Scarlet & Graves they’ve been turning a lot of heads. They may have the speed to overcome The Proven but do they have the power ? The Proven have more than, emmmm…proven themselves in the last couple of years as the team to beat at this end of the country, and it’s criminal they’re not getting further afield. Maybe they don’t need to?



HT DRAKE vs JOEY JANELA – The Gimmic Killer vs The Bad Boy. Janela’s been around a full decade but in the last year or so he’s been the talking point on many shows. His feud with Lio Rush over the CZW Wired title has created some 5 star matches. He’s reckless, and fearless, and just a little bit unhinged. Nothing phases HT Drake though, whether holding his own against Ricochet or pulling out a win against Shane Strickland or Dalton Castle as well as the cream of the UK scene. He won’t be looking to lie down for The Bad Boy, no chance in hell.



NEW NATION vs GO TEAM SPORTS – Ace Matthews and David Graves thrive on competition, no matter how big the hurdles. New Nation thrive on destruction. Their matches with The Proven were off the charts and they are looking to take the tag belts at the first opportunity, but first they have to get past GTS



CHRIS DICKINSON vs DAVE CRIST – a CZW vs CZW match, makes a change huh ? As part of Oi4K with his brother Jake, Sami Callahan and more Dave Crist blazed across the East Coast he’s carried on alongside his Scarlet & Graves partners, Xavier & Wentz. Dickinson is no stranger to a TCW ring, have appeared this year at both Spring Storm & Best Laid Plans with one win and one loss. The guy’s a beast but he’s already faced Rampage Brown in and out of Tidal, so I took the opportunity to make an all U.S. match for a change, bit different.



VIOLET O’HARA vs LIL MISS ROXXY – Full Metal – Roxxy has something to prove her. The two ladies had a huge brawl in Darlington that went everywhere, they battered each other, so lets add some plunder to the mix, chairs, dustins, metal stuff. Someone’s going to get hammered.



SEAN ONLY vs erm, someone – Sean Only is a prick but he’s been cleared to wrestle and if we don’t give him a match he’s only going to try and mess things up for us so he can open up get it out of the way. His opponent ? We don’t have one for him, yet……

Tickets will be £18adv or £21 seated
seated is exclusive to www.ringsideworld.co.uk
regular tickets from www.ringsideworld.co.uk, ticketweb, skiddle and from Jumbo and Crash Records in Leeds

14+ but 9 and over can come with an adult...it ain't for the young uns though really

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An update from Tidal 


a message from our ladies champion, Violet O'Hara

"So I'll keep this short ...on Halloween I was rushed into hospital where I then had emergency abdominal surgery they also took out my appendix before they burst and spent almost two weeks in hospital..it turns I'm not super girl though I wish I was ..my body isn't healing as quick as it should be so i have to take some time out and unfortunately will not be wrestling at tidal on the 20th November as in not medically cleared(I will be going live this evening ) however much I begged and pleaded my consultant said no as much as it pains me I had to stand down it's been a wrestling goal of mine to have a street fight match to prove I belong in this business .. how much I will fight for respect of my peers and for future opportunities ..I've worked injured a few times even when I was still on crutches but this time it's different....
Thank you all for your support and i won't let this tear me down I'll be back soon and stronger than ever ..pinkie promise xxxx"

Violet insisted on a 2nd opinion before pulling the match, cos she is hard as nails and has a heart full of pride. Either way we would have said no though, she needs to sit this one out. I just wanted you all to know the level of commitment she has, to Tidal and to you, I think that needs to be said. get well soon x

An opponent for Lil Miss Roxxy is being sought, maybe we'll keep it a surprise.....


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