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A Prince Among Men


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I don't know how this one would go down but the other week I found a full collection of Perfect World with Paul Kaye uploaded onto Youtube and enjoyed rewatching them.




That Prince Among Men though with the bad Scouse accent followed by him picking up The Sun. I was never going to like it.

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Completely forgot that Barrie was in The Young Ones.


Now the show I want to see is Robert Llewellyn sitcom The Cornerhouse. It's apparently one of the worst shows ever put on TV. Llewellyn himself described it as a sitcom with no com and awful sit.

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They theme tune still comes into my head from time to time. I remember nothing else from it except thinking it was shit, especially after the Britas Empire


Are the lyrics really "He's always right, Coz he knows what's right"? It couldn't surely?



I believe they are because if I remember correctly, one of his catchphrases throughout the show was "I'M ALWEES RIGHHTTT" whenever someone would go "you're right, Gary!" to him


I amazed and disappointed myself in equal measure after switching on that video and found myself able to sing every fucking word of that theme, and that off the top of my head I can remember two 'jokes' without having to rewatch any of this nightmare - Gary having a table that would lower from the ceiling and be used as an occasional table, but obviously with it being faulty every so often for comedy effect Gary cracked that "IT'S CALLED THAT COZ AAALF THE TIME ITS STUCK ON THE FRIGGEN CEILIN" and a conversation about being able to remember as far back as being a sperm, and Gary going "ARR EY I REMEMBER MINE, WE ALL HAD PERMS IN THE SEVENTEES LOVE"


This shitfest is a bit of a holy grail because even at the time when it aired and being a dunce who'd watch fucking anything with a member of Red Dwarf in it I recognized it was complete and utter shite, but still watched every second & then for years after there was fuck all about it on the internet. No clips of any 'moments', no upload of the theme. Fuck all. Always got slightly obsessed with just hearing the theme again because it's one of those things I repeat to myself in those quiet moments every couple of months or so where you're trying to sleep or idling away cleaning the kitchen. Amazing that it's all dropped at once, but now that the lot of it's there I don't think I can quite handle a marathon watch.

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I can't believe this got commissioned at all. Let alone get a second series. I remember watching about two episodes back in '97 and subsequently stopping for good.


Honestly, our country has spawned some seriously shit sitcoms. This is just one of a long list.


With regards to Red Dwarf XI, I didn't like the first episode but the second was an improvement. At least they're not in Coronation Street this time.

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