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PCW Troubles?


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I'd heard he was fairly loaded before when he started out doing it. What did he do before promoting?

I met him a few times before he started PCW at various shows, mainly convention type things like the ill fated wrestleslam shows. He was pretty thick. He didn't do anything special before PCW from what I remember. I think he worked in a hotel or something like that. Nothing over the average U.K. Wage I don't think. Could be wrong though but that's my recollection from six or seven years ago or whatever it was.


That's why I was so shocked when he started PCW and it seemed to be succeeding. How was this cartoonish buffoon succeeding and where did he get the money from to run the shows. I came to the conclusion that he was lucky and someone rich died. It's been going a while now though so happy to eat my hat. Fair play if he's still successful.

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Well he posted a picture online before he was doing PCW and had the great more money than sense example of having a living room filled with Title belts. So he must have a few quid.


Also Gaz is the kiss of death if you want to start a promotion it seems.

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There's nothing on the companies house information linked in the original post that is a sign of anything untoward.  The 'proposal to strike-off' the company is something that automatically happens if you fail to submit your return by a certain date - if you then do so within a certain amount of time (3 months, if I remember correctly) the strike-off action is cancelled.  Looking through the filing history of the PCW company it looks like something that's happened to them nearly every year, probably due to lack of organisation when it comes to that side of things.  I wouldn't say the £5,000 of secured debt showing on last year's micro-accounts is necessarily something to look out for either - presumably a business loan (which may well have been repaid during the most recent year).


I was also always previously given the impression that Fludder had been structuring his deals with the import talent in such a way that he would be very unlikely to lose money on them, and only actually uses imports that will end up making him money in this way.  Wrestlers are always very much complimentary about the way they are treated at PCW and often even seem quite surprised about how well things are organised on show day and in arrangements made for them.


The merchandise situation is an absolute shambles, however, and something that they are getting disastrously wrong.  People end up waiting weeks for orders since they seem to end up saving them up to send in batches, if they even get sent at all, and they allow people to pre-order stuff without any set timeframe for when that item will be released.  They don't give people updates on the status of their orders, and the lack of responses causes bad feeling.  I'm a big follower of PCW, but I would only ever buy merch from them at an actual show so I could walk away with it, and would never order online from them simply due to the number of horror stories that are continuously present with regard to that channel.


The way 'PCW' talks to people online also makes me cringe on occasion.  Yes, they have to deal with a lot of idiots, but they need to remember to stay professional as whatever they say in public is a reflection of their company itself.  What it boils down to is that they need to be better in their online presence at making a firm distinction between the 'personally-friendly, approachable, speaks-his-mind, doesn't hold back Steven Fludder' individual and what should be the 'professional, customer-friendly PCW organisation' company.


They'll say they're still learning, and to an extent they really are fairly new to this and learning as they go, but the excuse that they're only a small few-man team doesn't really fly.  They've grown to a stature where a certain level of service and appearance is expected, and is successfully being elsewhere given by other promotions of a similar standing that they will be immediately compared to.  They might not want to pay for it, but what could really make a difference is just employing a few more people to actually take charge of certain elements of their business, like a merchandise/shop lead and a social media/web lead.


At the end of the day, though, I'm just a fan.  I have to say that PCW shows themselves these days are definitely still fun as a live experience, and I'll continue to go along and enjoy them as I have for 4+ years now, but have definitely lost their way somewhat over the last year or so.  There's a bit of a crisis of identity at the moment, as they are trying to be a bit of everything to all types of fan, which doesn't work as different fans are going for different reasons.


The adult crowd is turning up for the party, night-out atmosphere, to drink and chant and sing, to react to the regular faces on the show, laugh at the comedy, see the former stars they saw on TV and generally have fun.  That was very much PCW's identity that they were built on.  They're also trying to draw in the family crowd now, though, with the big free shows in the town and ticket offers (the nightclub show they did in June, they had an offer where you could get free child tickets with every adult ticket purchased).  Makes sense from a business perspective to try to appeal to the widest audience possible, but this new identity hasn't really bedded in yet, people aren't quite sure what type of show they've turned up to, and it just 'feels' a bit weird and conflicted.


Among that, the "hardcore"/"internet" wrestling fan (and now iPPV buyer...) comes to see the hot modern 'indie' style matches featuring the best of Britain going against hot current indie star names from around  the world.  It's gutting to say, but this was always the 'Kris Travis' role on the show.  Martin Kirby isn't used like that here anymore.  Joey Hayes has been injured.  Rampage Brown has been great, but mainly involved in tag team and storyline matches.  Dean Allmark doesn't appear as regularly anymore.  Dave Mastiff seems to have gone off the boil.  They stopped using Will Ospreay.  They have got a good one for this type of thing in Bubblegum, though, who was doing more character-based heel stuff until his recent turn, but now looks like they are using in this role.


Some off the storyline stuff they've been running recently has been a bit 'dodgy' too, but I'm keeping faith for the moment and just putting that down to a sticky patch for now.  They've never really been a big 'storyline' promotion, but it always makes sense to have things linking their regular shows together, giving meaning to make you interested in what you are seeing and want to come back to see develop and resolve.  Some stuff recently has been head-scratching, though, making what you've just paid to see come across as a bit, well, pointless.


I've ended up writing a lot more than I first intended here!  As I say, I do enjoy the PCW shows and there is still plenty of fun to get out of them (which is all I really want from a wrestling show, to be honest).  Some of the concerns raised in the opening post just seem to be fabricated by someone potentially with an agenda, but it is certainly true that there are areas within the promotion that aren't firing on all cylinders (or are outright... 'broken') and they would do well to consider those before bad feeling and rumour starts to give them a reputation.

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They usually are - Len Davis & Steven Gauntley were too - didn't take them long to get fleeced by the wolves.

I wouldn't worry about Len, he's doing alright by all accounts.


After all, he has his own kingdom.


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100% agree with what Ben said, i like him have been going since near the start and even i think the storylines have been a bit wayward recently.


But since the move out to other towns away from Preston they have generally been cracking shows. Might come across as a sympathiser but ive not had a problem with Fludder - always willing to have a chat for a few minutes.


The DVD production fell down due to the chief editor leaving for other things and i know he was a huge huge part of the operation. But bit sad that the ordering has gone astray

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But since the move out to other towns away from Preston they have generally been cracking shows.

I haven't made it to any of the shows in other towns yet, probably on a misguided assumption that the shows were somehow 'less important' and that nothing significant would happen. I reckon I've been doing it wrong, since it has been the booking and storyline stuff that's been letting the regular 'Preston' shows down. When they go to other towns and just have to worry about putting on a damn good show I can see why it would be the case that they deliver a cracker.


Might come across as a sympathiser but ive not had a problem with Fludder - always willing to have a chat for a few minutes.


Yep, no problems here either. Has always come over well in person.

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