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Evening Withs/Meet and Greets


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I went to a Raven one in Manchester last weekend. Was pretty decent. For the VIP Price I got a photo with him, a signed 8x10 and an item of my choice signing if I had one, but if I wanted more than 1 item signing, it would be extra per item (I didn't take anything to be signed anyway)


The Q&A was good. Really interesting character Raven anyway, so expected no less.


Going to one with Cody Rhodes next month also, but didn't bother with the photo autograph etc

Had no idea Raven was doing one. Any more happening?


Not for the time being. I think Manchester and Nottingham were only ones.

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Met Big Kev at Tynecastle tonight. £50 is fine value for the show, a picture* and autograph with one of my favourite people on the planet. Heard most of the stories a hundred times before, Spring Break, getting a pay-rise out of fake Diesel, Dusty pitching the OZ character etc.. But it's Nash telling stories, I could listen to him speak about anything all day. He's so cool. I loved his take on Triple H beating Sting, "If you show up with hair like THAT, you're not beating Paul", and completely dismissing the idea that CM Punk can fight. Great night.


*Shame the backdrop is the Tynecastle pitch. Yuck.

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