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The Undertaker in WCW


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Somehow I think Taker in WCW would have tanked. He isn't one of Hogans buddies and like when Boss Man came over they wouldn't let him be The Undertaker or have any overtones of his gimmick. Maybe a rehash of the ABA biker Taker thing might have worked since its not as symbolic and iconic as the Deadman. But WCW had Sting as their own version of Taker so I dont know where you'd put him in the mix. Do you put them together or have the two forces of darkness against each other?. Plus like it's been said WCW standards and practices wouldn't allow satanic Taker so they dont really have any real necessity to bring in Taker apart from take one of the WWEs cornerstones. In the WWE Taker is the man but in WCW he'd be putting over Hall, Nash, Hogan et al and I think like with Bret theyd tarnish his legacy. I mean apart from a short term run of success, most people always associate Hogan et al with their WWF/WWE career and not with WCW. The only guy really synomous with WCW is Sting and outside of him arguably Flair and Luger but WCW has never been thought of in glowing terms like ECW is and classic era WWF. I watched WCW til the end but it was never really a big fans favorite promotion and was often overshadowed by the WWF even when they were beating them in the Monday Night Wars. Promotions like Mid South, JCP, Memphis still have loyal fan bases but WCW never really had that fan connection which is why I think when WWE bought it the didn't relaunch it because the brand really had no identity or uniqueness. It was more so seen as a playground for Hulk and friends. Early 90s WCW was IMO much better with Rude, Austin, Steamboat, Pillman, Cactus, Vader et AL.

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Call him "D Retake Urn" as an anagram of Undertaker

Good one...


It wasn't really, in fact it was quite shite. But if you enjoyed, then my work is done. Putting a smile on at least one person's face a day is all everybody in the world needs to do.

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Team him with Mortis?

And call him Riga, right?


If Taker had have gone to WCW I could only see him being a biker, maybe make his debut at Road Wild and kicking Hogan's ass in the process, leading to a big blow out match at Starrcade.

It depends when. He turns up in 94/95 he's getting lumped in the dungeon of doom as a deadman knock off and made to look a cock.


96/97 he's going in the nwo like everyone else was.


98/99 he'd float about doing piss all like bret did


2000 he'd be an 8 time champion and run over by the white hummer.

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