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Greatest Wrestling Entrance Music

Snitsky's back acne

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In honour of the Glorious Bobby Roode music and a resurgence in general of rather cool entrance music I figured I would start this thread to honour the best entrance music for wrestlers.



So: Glorious

Shinsuke's theme, obviously


Always thought Sherri's version of Sexy Boy was fuckin cool:



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One that Ric Flair had at Great American Bash 1989, when he came back to face Terry Funk. Crowd went fucking ape-shit and that hybrid of the "2001 theme" and "Fanfare of the Common Man" was playing. A bit I assume is not on the network?

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Yes, Regal's 'Real Man's Man' one was awesome.
As Regal himself said 'If I was sober, I'd have made that work'

I would have loved to have seen a sober and commited Regal make it work too. 

Damn good choice.

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