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Japan - advise


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With the power of Google translate my wrestling itinerary looks like...


October 2nd - DDT BAD COMMUNICATION 2016 - Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

October 10th - NJPW KING OF PRO WRESTLING - Sumo Hall, Tokyo

October 14th - BJW KORAKUEN HALL TOURNAMENT - Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

October 21st - NJPW ROAD TO POWER STRUGGLE - Korakuen Hall, Tokyo


Does anybody have any idea if 'Bad Communication' is a big show? Is this BJW tournament a big deal? Hopefully it's a deathmatch tournament!

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I've managed to book tickets for NJPW KING OF PRO WRESTLING through that website, cheers Phil! It was easy enough, got a box in Secton A since there's 4 of us. A quick email to a contact personnel from DDT and they've reserved me front row for BAD COMMUNICATION, I didn't even ask for it! How awesome. Pricey, but you live once eh?


BJW however is proving more difficult. Can't seem to gauge any sort of response at all.

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You may be safe for a lot of the shows tbh. For example, with the first DDT show I went to; according to the website it had LONG sold out, I e-mailed Rekka (through the help of Mike Bailey, awesome wrestler btw) who couldn't save me tickets as it was definitely sold out and through checking the various shops that sell tickets, it had (just to confirm) fully sold out.


Suffice to say I turned up and it wasn't 100% sold out (although it as 1 ticket here and there so if you're going with mates, that'd be an issue).


Once you get into Tokyo, I'd check out all of the shops. Go to the New Japan one and then once you exit the shop, take the left and on the same side of the road as the NJPW shop, there's an open door leading to a set of stairs that have numerous Japanese words/letters/symbols written on them but also ZERO 1 MAX written in English. Walk up those stairs and there's a really small wrestling shop. The guy in there does have a smattering of tickets for various different events. I got BJW tickets from there. The shop must be 3 or 4 doors up from the NJPW one.


Plus that shop has more up to date DVDs of the Japanese promotions than Toudoukan does. And the guy that runs it is one of my favourite people for randomly giving me signed Young Bucks merch. Although, Toudoukan is awesome and you should definitely go.

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Has anybody on here ever used the NJPW ticket board? I was told I'd get emailed tickets 3-7 days before the event, it's now Saturday (06.48 in Japan), the event is Monday and no email...

Getting slightly worried...

I've used them, they usually come through a few days before hand. E-mails usually came through at midday, while I was over there.


Really easy to get in using them too.

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