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RISE Wrestling - Live at The Brudenell, Leeds - 13/08/2016


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For the first time ever, live Professional Wrestling comes to the Brudenell… with an extreme twist! RISE: Underground brings an action-packed and definitely not for the faint-hearted show that pushes audience involvement to the limit! Being a mere spectator is impossible in this adult variety show that mixes comedy, stunts, sports and physical theatre. 

With wrestlers from around the world all having their eyes set on the RISE Championship belt, you are bound to witness some of the best high flying action, extreme violence and world-class wrestling seen anywhere in Europe! 

Confirmed so far:

© The Muscle Cat vs The Primate


ASCENT Tournament winner Jason Prime AKA The Primate gets his shot at redemption - after immediately losing his belt to Saxon Huxley 'The Muscle Cat' under controversial circumstances back in April. 

Only moments after his 8 Man Title Tournament win - the newly crowned champion was forced to put his title on the line when Dr Leonardo Darwin made his "big announcement" that he was the new commissioner of RISE. As soon as the bell rang for the impromptu match, Darwin's "spiritual guide"Pastor William Eaver struck the Primate over the head with a brick as Danny O'Doherty caused the distraction. This allowed Saxon to pick up the win as Prime laid helpless. 

It was apparent the commissioner had formed an alliance with Big Joe Fx, Pastor William Eaver,O'Doherty and Huxley but "The Good Doctor" ensures us that he is a fair man and has granted Primate's rematch. However, the odds will be stacked against him. The match will be contested under Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ rules - which means the match has the potential to spill all over the building and most likely out of the doors! 



Big Joe vs Alexander Henry


Big Joe - ASCENT Tournament finalist and personal security to RISE CommissionerDr Leonardo Darwin - will get his chance to regain his number one contendership against one of the hottest prospects in the North of England today - 'The Class Apart' Alexander Henry!

Henry is one half of the The New Nation with current Number 1 Contender Jason Prime AKA The Primate - and in the "interest of fairness" the commissioner has offered this huge opportunity to Henry on the sole condition that the Primate is banned from ringside. (Primate will compete later in the night in the Main Event against Saxon Huxley 'The Muscle Cat' for the RISE Championship)

There are no stipulations or limitations that have been placed on Big Joe - who will be accompanied to the ring by Darwin - so even though the odds will be in the favour of Joe in this one, it will be a close fight to call and should make for an extremely interesting match-up!



Buffet Club vs Quicky & The Dead


The Buffet Club - Gene Munny & Rob Cage - will face the odd pairing of The Whizz Kid Lance Lawrence & Voodoo on Saturday August 13th at The Brudenell in the first ever 'ALL FOODS ARE LEGAL' Match!

"Quicky & The Dead" bring the mix of speed and size to this contest, however the Buffet Club have that "No Defeat, All You Can Eat" attitude and will surely be in their element in this 'All Foods Are Legal' Match.

We have no idea what is gunna happen in this one - but what we do know is that it's gunna get messy!



Heidi Katrina vs Alexis Rose


The challenge has been made and accepted! Heidi Katrina has accepted the challenge of Manchester's Alexis Rose on August 13th for Live Pro Wrestling at The Brudenell, Leeds. RISE: Underground.

Alexis is known to have a mean streak and will be bringing every ounce of fight to Heidi in Leeds next month! Both of these woman will have something to prove - not only to each other - but to the rest of the Wrestling world. Will Heidi's 'RISE' in 2016 be cut short by Alexis? Or can she continue her domination of the British Women's division? This is another contest you definitely don't want to miss!



Jigsaw (USA) vs 'Pastor' William Eaver (Eng)


A world travelled star of the US independent circuit JIGSAW (aka TNA's Rubix) returns to RISE: Underground on August 13th in this USA vs England International exhibition match! 

Pastor William Eaver will be his opponent - another British star who is well and truly on the 'RISE'. Making waves around the country and recently capturing the prestigious Progress Wrestling Championship amongst other achievements, The Pastor is also currently aligned with RISE Commissioner Dr Leonardo Darwin as the Doctor's "spiritual guide". Bill has immediately established himself as a powerful presence in RISE, and with a win like this under his belt - he could soon be adding another line to his growing list of achievements!

There's no doubt that this will be a strong contender for match of the night - and something you definitely won't see anywhere else!



Plus loads more appearences and matches to be announced soon!

Tickets are on sale now for £8 at - 

£10 On The Door.

Venue Age Restrictions Apply.

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