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Podcast/Interview Thread (MMA/Boxing etc) 🎧

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Fuck off, Boydy.

Bro, you might think he’s not asking you to do that but, I don’t know dude. Listen, all I’m sayin’ is...look into it. 

The best was when Yoel Romero was on Rogan’s podcast and Diaz was translating Yoelisms into Diaz talk. Something like; Romero in Spanish: I would like to ask you a question please, Mr Rogan.

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Kerr talking about fixed fights in Pride.

Interesting hearing his take on the Coleman vs Takada thing. Makes a lot more sense now. Coleman was coming off 3 consecutive losses in the UFC at the time. He wasn’t getting back in the UFC anytime soon. So if Pride held it over him that he’d only be able to enter the Grand Prix tournament if he lost to Takada first, I can definitely see why he did it. There was nowhere else to go in MMA at that time to make real money. So Pride knew he had no leverage. It wasn’t for an easy payday, in a messed up way he was doing it to keep his career alive. Hearing this makes me glad Coleman went on and won that tournament in 2000. Shame he never got a rematch (a legit one) with Takada to right that wrong as well. 

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Joe Rogan has churned out quite a few MMA podcasts the past few weeks, he hadn't done many MMA shows in 2020 so it was a nice change to see a load come in at once.

Cody Garbrandt - I know he divides opinions here but I liked him, he came across well, passionate about the sport and not really bad mouthing anyone. I thought he was going to be more cocky but he wasn't.

Kevin Holland and Travis Lutter - Absolutely loved this one, Holland now has crept into my top 5 current favourite fighters, he's s fascinating and very child like. He's so naturally talented yet he's got so much un tapped potential if he started doing things differently. Diet, weight cutting etc. You'll know what I mean after you listen to it.

Dustin Poirier - Was ok, chilled guy, nothing ground breaking. He really wants the Conor fight and then he wants the Nate fight. He barely mentioned wanting to become champion that much. It was sad to hear him not being that motivated to become the champion.

Max Holloway - Not listened to it yet but it got released yesterday.

I really, really recommend the Kevin Holland one! I love the guy.

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We’ve returned with ‘Sumo Drop’ to cover the March, Haru Basho, Sumo Tournament. Myself, Hog & Matt discuss news and results from this month’s tournament, in this case, day 1.

We’re also playing the Kachi-Clash fantasy game alongside it. Following the rules of the online Sumo game, each of us have created a stable of 5, and are awarded points based on our sumo wrestlers performances each day of the Basho. It’s a mini league, which is part of a larger game. 

If it’s at all of interest, you can checkout episode 1 here, covering everything from day 1. We’ll be back on day 8 (half way point) and again on day 15 to wrap the month up. It’s been added to our Sumo Drop playlist, where you can also find a beginners guide to sumo pod episode.



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