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Podcast/Interview Thread (MMA/Boxing etc) 🎧

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Bro, you might think he’s not asking you to do that but, I don’t know dude. Listen, all I’m sayin’ is...look into it. 

Fuck off, Boydy.

My podcast listening has fallen off a cliff since lockdown, really because I'm only commuting to the living room for work now. The only podcast I regularly listen to still is The Matburn Podcast with

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ive banged the drum for Morning Kombat on here before but i'll do so again...


Luke Thomas & Brian Campbell launched Morning Kombat a few months back doing a single show per week. The show was picked up by CBS Showtime proper and they've now expanded to 3 x 90min shows per week, plus a bunch of other content via their youtube channel & podcast feed. They are also doing broadcast work on Showtime boxing shows together.

I really recommend you check if out. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday it really is an excellent sauce of news recap, reviews and previews for the week ahead. It also covers MMA and Boxing so you get a bit of everything, plus its entertaining along the way. Fantastic stuff. 

Stick that together along the ESPN youtube/podcast content and thats the only shit you need.

...dont let any Luke Thomas hate put you off, Brian Campbell reels him in. 

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