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Fedor Emelianenko

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I honestly don't think that fight would have been stopped in the UFC either. The refs usually give a bit of leeway to champions and guys who are known as top level competitors, and I have no doubt that they'd have given Fedor every chance to recover in such a situation.

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possibly, i don't think many would have had an issue with the stoppage though.


Probably not, but we've seen leeway given to high level fighters in the past, especially when they do what Fedor did and continually look to improve position and move. If he'd went limp and opened himself to those punches it would have been a different story.

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Yeah, Hendo vs Lombard would be a good recent example of that. Despite Hendo being stopped a bunch of times in recent years, the ref gave him every chance to stay in the fight after Lombard dropped and hurt him. Legends do get leeway. I think whether it would've been stopped in the UFC or not just depends on which ref would've been assigned that fight. You might get some refs immediately jump in and call it or you could get the Herb Dean from UFC 194 who let Weidman eat about a million punches off Rockhold before he'd seen enough. I think someone of Fedor's stature in the sport would've been given every opportunity though, right or wrong.

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