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British Empire Wrestling presents Coronation Of The Empire 2

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A photo gallery for the show can be found here:




NB: Ring announcer John Bishop was made to wear a Buffet Club T Shirt and 'Elton John' Sunglasses and was repackaged for the night as 'Elton John Bishop,' miming playing the piano whenever an Elton John song played on the PA. He was not allowed to refer to BEW by name.


Gene Munny was unable to attend due to another bout of food poisoning brought on by the infamous Buffet Club appetite.. Please, don't try this at home.


Don Pedro was unable to attend as 'somebody' slashed his tyres. After Ray Linofloor regaled us with some poetry, John had a surprise for Ray. Since the Buffets didn't book a replacement for Don BEW did - Dr Leonardo Darwin! After the match Rob Cage booked a match between Darwin and Jewells Malone in September as punishment!


Coronation of the Empire 2 also featured the live debut of wrestling manager The Tycoon! He revealed that he had used his immense wealth to sponsor the Buffet Club's event. In exchange, they gave him the opportunity to offer his managerial services to anyone in the locker room! Officer Rogers came out and just when it looked like the Tycoon had sealed the deal, Rogers levelled him with his 'long arm of the law' clothesline! Rogers chose law and order and BEW over the Tycoon's money! 


The Buffet Club blackmailed John by threatening to mete out more punishment on an unconscious Theodore Powers after the main event, unless all four Buffet Club members were entered into the tag team tournament. John reluctantly agreed.


The Penelope vs Jetta's excellent technically sound contest will be available soon on Stardom world! Go to http://www.we-are-stardom.com/ for more information!

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