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Best and worst of british wrestling


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Ok guys so i thought this would be a fun discussion. 

I'm currently re-reading Greg lambert's book on the highs and lows of british wrestling and it got me thinking, what are your personal highs and lows within the british circuit.


Amazing shows you attended that will stay with you forever

Absolute jokes of shows that were laughable 

And everything in between.


I would have to say one of the highs for me was international showdown and the FIRST 1pw show.


2 insanely good shows packed with both british and international talent. 

Being there at both those shows felt like you were witnessing something incredible.

Seeing & meeting mick foley, the sandman, aj styles cm-punk ext ext  for the first time was so special.



so whats yours??

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I think my best example of what makes the scene for me was going to a Premier Promotions show in Worthing for the first time. I knew we had weekly wrestling in town but was not certain what to expect due to it being a very kiddie and nan vibe according to my friends who were still obsessed with ECW and blood and guts wrestling. 


I went with my wife to just see what it was like as an odd 'date night' option and we were both impressed. Her reaction was along the lines of 'Pre-determined doesn't mean fake does it?' and I got the real meaning of seeing is believing. 


Anyways onto the stars I have seen at Worthing:


Mal Sanders, Johnny Kidd, Doug Williams, Jodie Fleish, Jonny Storm, Mark Sloan... the list goes on and on.


Every time we have been to one of Mr Freemantles shows we have felt we got our money's worth, some fun moments and good solid grappling. Some of our favourite moments have been watching Martin Stone and Dean Ayass just tear the old grannies and people of Worthing to shreds with their insults and heelish ways.


Worst of british wrestling? I am lucky in that I have only ever seen this and the JWF 'backyarders' in the Worthing area and so have not had much opportunity to see rubbish.


Which leads me on to JWF...


The quality was not great and there was something very uncomfortable about watching my friends/colleagues put themselves through that sort of ordeal. So I would say that this was the worst of British wrestling but when the group you are talking about are not really a legit company then I don't know if that can be seen as an indictment of the British scene.


Also can I just say I am not going to condemn JWF as they had several people who went and trained in various places and they are all nice people, in my experience, it just didn't sit well with me the whole backyard ultraviolent element that they sometimes had.

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