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Potential Brand Split Horse Shit


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Lot of talk about this, in several different threads. Will it, won't it, can it succeed, is there enough talent? I had an extra 10 minutes an hour so I whacked this scenario together which I'm sure will be hated but some discussion of my decisions eitherway gives us a new topic.


First off, I believe there is plenty of talent under contract, developmental or otherwise. The main problem currently is the high profile injuries thinning the main roster out but for the purpose of this, and most likely anyway, Cena, Orton, Wyatt etc. will be back in 2 months, which hypothetically, if the Raw ratings dip below 2.0 during that time, is when this would all take place anyway.


I'm expecting a 1.9 or two coming soon. They've buried that last hour of Raw lately and it's killing the numbers. Maybe they don't give a fuck. I'm assuming that Vince will decide the Shane/Steph experiment is a massive failure as no one wants to listen to them talking every week as oppose to Roman being the blame, which he isn't.


Vince puts Regal in charge of Raw, because he's about the only authority figure people might actually like. I don't know who makes the matches for SD but not a McMahon or Tripper, who's working purely behind the scenes, including NXT.


The WOMEN and registered TAG TEAMS will work both brands. This should solve the potential lack of talent at times due to injury. Members of those tag teams are allowed to compete in singles action against fellow tag team combatants and can be involved in multi-way secondary title feuds via storyline reasons.


I've fired Bo Dallas. I've split Luke Harper from the Wyatts (whom count as a tag team so Bray can do both shows if needed). Dudleys broke up and D'von disappeared off TV. Big Show and Kane are on one-off duty and not counted. Lucha Dragons split because Sin Cara is wank.


Chris Jericho is off on sabbatical again after this Ambrose feud concludes.


Lesnar can do what he likes and is thus unaffiliated.


So here's how I split everyone up, which is where you'll call me a cunt no doubt:




Roman Reigns

AJ Styles

Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose

The Miz

Sami Zayn


Baron Corbin


Luke Harper

Darren Young



Mark Henry (the only other guy I might retire)

Heath Slater

Cody Rhodes (double duty)

Bully Ray!

Samoa Joe

Finn Balor




John Cena

Randy Orton


Alberto Del Rio


Dolph Ziggler

Apollo Crews

Sin Cara

Bobby Roode!

Curtis Axel

Zach Ryder

Titus O'Neil

Jack Swagger

Tyson Kidd

Leo Kruger!


Tye Dillinger

Rhyno (why not?)

The Brian Kendrick (thanks for training Eva)

Nakamura ( joining shortly thereafter)


If they're really struggling there's countless developmental they can have as old school jobbers, or just bring in randoms or veterans. It would be better than over exposing everyone as they do now and the likes of Zach Ryder can still stay over with wins over them.


Tag team wrestling gets even more emphasis if ever there's a shortfall in bodies. The remaining shitarses get low level wins to make them seem better than they are and feuds with bigger talent if they're worth it, especially on SD.


(*FANTASY BOOKING ALERT*) For the record I'd have Samoa Joe debut on Raw shortly after Takeover still with the NXT title (he can work there too for a bit) declaring he's beaten everybody so he's not waiting around. Same night Balor debuts and attacks him while Joe is trying to involve himself in Reigns business. Regal declares, based on current NXT events that he's had enough of those two disrupting the shows and puts them on a 1 year no singles or outside ring contact with threat of suspension, title vacation whathaveyou, however they can be on opposing tag teams, 6 mans etc. Keep that feud hot until next year. Ideally they'd be petitioning superstars whenever they needed a partner, just to get at the other one anyway they can. Whenever it was pre announced it would be like a special attraction. Hopefully bump the ratings. Joe in the meantime would probably get to work AJ, Zayn etc. Balor would join with AJ and the Club for the facgime we all crave.


Over on SD, Cena and Randy team up a lot, having competitive tag matches with THE TEAMS, sometimes even losing, maybe once at least clean, NEVER meet in singles competition or feud. Cena will also win the vacant US Title (Kalisto had to vacate but got a feud with Miz as compensation, which he loses because Miz) in the first main event against, well lets say Cesaro, and brings back the open challenge which was one of the best things about Raw last year and the sole reason I started liking him.


There you go. I'm sorry.

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