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Your Favourite Episode of Wrestling Television

Liam O'Rourke

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I want to thank everybody for the contributions, we got to read many of them on the show, which is now available at the following link:


Join us for our show on Favourite Episodes of Wrestling Television, as we reflect on some amazing programming, looking at what made the shows special and examine what sticks in people's minds. Taking your nominations, we talk WWF Raw with Austin Vs. McMahon, the Austin/Hart Streetfight, the WWF Draft, THAT 10-Man tag, The Alliance angle, Jericho Vs. HHH, WCW Nitro with the Russo/Bischoff merger, Goldberg Vs. Hogan, the nWo backstage at Disney, the Fingerpoke of Doom, Mid South Wrestling with Flair Vs. DiBiase, Saturday Night's Main Event with the Mega Powers Exploding, and many many more excellent candidates. A fun show this week, check it out!

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