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The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread *MMA Edition*

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Just now, Egg Shen said:

The first was when the legend Matt Horwich KO'd him in the IFL. Radach was killing everyone in the IFL, Horwich was a grinder with no apparent punching power. Horwich sparked Radach in round 2 with a left hand. Made me a Matt Horwich fan for life.

Was Horwich the God botherer who used to bring a bible into the cage with him after fights?

The Radach vs Smith fight was an awesome one from what I remember.

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Horwich is off the charts weird. His fighting style was so weird too, i didnt really look like he'd even trained in terms of technique, just super awkward, he just wandered forward taking ridiculous punishment and would grind people out. Ive seen videos of him recently and he looks abit of mess, poor bugger.

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I honestly didn't know which member of the Gracie family threw in the towel until I looked it up yesterday. 

And no, I couldn't identify which family member it was based on the below picture. I had to rely on Wikipedia. 



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