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Wrestling in the North East


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Can’t say I recognise half of those names. Where do Absolute, MPW, First Class, and Upbrawl usually promote?


Also, are Full Tilt still going? They used to hold shows in the Walker area of Newcastle but haven’t seen any posters for a good year or two now.

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Problem is that there isn't a stand out company up here, all are similar and whilst IWF and wZw were canny enough, we're missing a big promotion.

Shame they can't join forces and sort it out, especially considering half of the wrestlers perform for several groups.

Bored of going to working men's clubs in the middle of shiteville.


Must add, there is some good talent, no doubt about it, there's some shite, there is everywhere, but the promotions as a whole are shite, let's not pretend they aren't.

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What Culture Pro Wrestling has now arrived in Newcastle and held their first set of tapings over June 15th and 16th. The shows featured all of the What Culture stars including Adam Blampied, Adam Pacitti, Jack The Jobber, King Ross, Suzie Kennedy and more. As well as British wrestling stars Noam Dar, Rampage Brown, Big Damo, El Ligero, Joe Coffey and ROH World Champion Jay Lethal and many more.


ALL shows were sold out. WCPW will hold more tapings on July 27th at Northumbria Uni featuring Will Osperay and the hottest free agent in wrestling today...DAMIEN SANDOW!


visit https://wc.pw/for more information and to purchase tickets.

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There's bloody loads isn't there







North Wrestling


Rad Pro

Full Tilt

First Class


And probably more I've forgotten, so probably a good time to have a thread dedicated to it. What's good? What's not good?

Do you know if all these have insurance?

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