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WWE Live in London Network Special


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Not seen this mention but WWE are doing a network special on 7th September at the O2 Arena London





WWE announce new ‘Live in London’ event to be held at the O2 Arena in autum


WWE superstars will be returning to London this autumn for an exclusive live event.


The ‘WWE Live in London’ show will be held at the O2 Arena on September 7.


Former world champion Roman Reigns, who will battle Triple H for the belt at next month’s Wrestlemania 32, will be one of a number of stars set to perform in front of UK fans.


Tag team champions The New Day, AJ Styles plus divas Charlotte and Sasha Banks are also expected to visit the capital.


The official announcement said: “WWE will return to London this autumn for a special, one-night only event due to overwhelming demand by UK fans to see their favourite WWE Superstars and Divas in action.”


It is exciting news for wrestling fanatics within these shores as it will be the first main roster special event in the UK in 13 years, the last being Insurrextion in 2003.

source the sun
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Someone did mention this in one of the other threads yesterday (Minor News maybe).

There's nothing to suggest it is a Network Special as yet, but mentioning Insurexion 2003 will add to the speculation. It does seem a bit random to have a single UK date for no real reason before the most likely do their the usual tour in November.


I always laugh when promotors talk about 'overwhelming demand' or extra dates get added to die 'phenomenal demand'

"Oh my god! We had no idea there would be such demand for these shows, good job we able to the following three nights at the same arena eh?"

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"Main roster special event" certainty suggests something more than a house show.


Makes sense to me. The argument against a 'proper' PPV from the UK was always the time difference in the main market. In the days of the on demand Network, when people just decide to watch at a time convenient to them, it becomes a non-issue. Maybe even a trial to see how a 'big' event would do...

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