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WAW/Bellatrix thread. next weekender 10/11/12 march.

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Bought tickets but didn't go in the end because I couldn't be arsed going to a jobber show. Seems like I had a lucky escape

Why did you buy tickets if you felt that about the show? What sort of the names did you think were going to be in the show before the card was announced? There was nothing wrong with the show. The crowd was quite into it. 

I'm not going to lie, I have seen better shows but that does not mean poor. 

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0. Lily Smith, Aisha and Annabelle defeated Caitlin Lemmon, Abbie Connor and Ellie Page by submission when Ellie Page submitted to Annabelle.

1. Lana Austin defeated Shax by pinfall.

2. Innocence defeated Farrah LaHavre by pinfall.

3. Amber Rox and Amarah defeated Erin Angel and Xia Brookside by pinfall when Amarah pinned Angel.

4. Blue Nikita © defeated Miss Mina by pinfall to retain the Bellatrix European Championship.

5. Leia Elise defeated Kira by pinfall.

6. Queen Maya defeated Skarlett by pinfall.

7. Alex Windsor defeated Shanna, Kay Lee Ray and Penelope by pinfall when she pinned Shanna.

8. Lory © defeated Mickie James by disqualification to retain the Bellatrix World Championship after James struck Lory with the title belt.

– Mickie James continued to attack Lory until several Warriors came out from backstage to separate them.

9. Sammi Baynz defeated Toni Storm by pinfall.

10. Madison Lee defeated Karama by pinfall in a Loser Leaves Town match. Karama may not wrestle for WAW, Bellatrix, or the WAWYC for the next year.

– Zak Knight and Ben Williment came out to console Karama as the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

11. Bete Noire and Debbie Sharp defeated Jetta and Pollyanna by pinfall when Noire pinned Pollyanna.

– A video aired recapping the past year’s interactions between Saraya Knight and Lisa Marie.

12. Lisa Marie versus Saraya Knight in a Steel Cage match ended in a no contest. During the match Kay Lee Ray, Bete Noire, and Debbie Sharp forced their way into the ring and began attacking both competitors until Saraya’s daughter Nikki Knight made the save.

– Commissioner Scott Hall condemned Kay Lee Ray, Bete Noire, and Debbie Sharp for interfering in the match and made a match for Bellatrix 23 between Team Scotland and Team Bellatrix. Lisa Marie embraced Saraya Knight and offered to fight alongside her against Team Scotland. Saraya welcomed her daughter Nikki Knight back to Bellatrix and accepted that herself and Lisa Marie no longer need to keep up the fighting because they’re equal in spirit, drive, and ability.


a record attendance of 250 plus paying customers for a Bellatrix show

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1. Demolition Davies defeated Alex Young by pinfall.

– Backstage interviewer Martin Golding interviewed Mr Williams. Williams explained that fans may have seen him in a lot of multiman matches but tonight he will “remove the sting from the Scorpion” when he beats Bill Duffy in a singles match, up next.

2. Bill Duffy defeated Mr Williams by pinfall.

3. Nathan Cruz defeated El Ligero by referee stoppage when referee Scott Edgar declared Ligero unable to continue.

– Nathan Cruz expressed his distaste for winning the match on a technicality and let everyone know that he would be happy for a rematch against El Ligero in the future, once the Mexican Sensation is able to compete again.

4. Ricky Knight Jr defeated Jody Fleisch ©, Brad O’Brien, Bubblegum, PJ Knight, Peter Nixon by pinfall when he pinned Bubblegum to win the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship. During the match, Nixon landed on his head after diving out of the ring and was declared unable to continue before being escorted backstage by officials.

5. Old School [Ricky Knight and Jimmy Ocean] with Steve Quintain and Ivan Trevors defeated Mitchell Starr and Sonny Smasher by submission when Smasher submitted to both Knight and Ocean. Quintain and Trevors attacked Smasher throughout the match, but referee Michael Mann failed to notice.

– Robin Lekime attacked Mr Anderson during Anderson’s self-introduction.

6. Robin Lekime with Tommy Lee defeated Mr Anderson by pinfall after Luke Hawx interfered by attacking Anderson.

7. The UK Hooligans [Zak and Roy Knight] defeated The Regency [Charlie Windsor and Keegan] with Tommy Lee by pinfall when Roy pinned Keegan.

– Ricky Knight and the rest of Old School sarcastically congratuled The UK Hooligans on “barely” winning their match against The Regency and reminded them that their steel cage rematch against himself and Jimmy Ocean will be the most difficult match of their lives as the former Superflys are determined to walk away with the World Tag Team titles in hand.

8. Nick Aldis defeated Aaron Sharp by submission.

– Ruffneck explained in a backstage interview that he was prepared to use any means necessary to end King Kendo’s career tonight.

9. King Kendo defeated Ruffneck in a Bodyslam Challenge match when he slammd Ruffneck.

10. Brad Slayer defeated Lue Hawx © by two falls to one in a Two Out of Three Falls match to win the WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.
– Hawx was pinned by Slayer.
– Slayer was pinned by Hawx.
– Hawx was pinned by Slayer. Mr Anderson interfered by attacking Hawx.

– The UK Hooligans, The Battlekats, Kip Sabian, Aaron Sharp, and Mitchell Starr came out from backstage to celebrate with Brad Slayer before Zak Knight invited Slayer’s family into the ring to share the moment with him.

– Luke Hawx threw a tantrum around the ringside area and attacked a fan who shouted at him. After backstage officials pulled Hawx away from his victim Zak Knight banned him from the next EPIC weekend in January, revoked his title rematch clause, and issued a fine for his gross misconduct.



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WAW Taping two




– Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Brad Slayer thanked everyone who has ever supported him in any way for allowing him to reach where he is today, especially the Knight Dynasty for training him and his long term friend and tag team partner, Kip Sabian. Slayer then requested that Commissioner Scott Hall join him in the ring so he could relinquish British Heavyweight title for other worthy contenders to fight for. Commissioner Hall accepted the belt and then announced that a tournament for the now vacant title will take place next month. He followed this by announcing that Luke Hawx’s suspension had been extended indefinitely as a result of his actions after losing the Undisputed World Heavyweight title last night, which included attacking a fan and ransacking the ringside area.

1. Matt Walters with Tommy Lee defeated Mitchell Starr by pinfall.

2. Team EWW [Dominator, Titan and AWOL] with Skarlett defeated Robin Lekime, Jynx and Villman when Titan pinned both Jynx and Villman. During the match Commissioner Scott Hall ordered Dominator, AWOL and Skarlett after Dominator and AWOL attacked referee Scott Edgar.

3. The 11 Man ‘Carols and Carnage’ Hardcore Rumble is currently ongoing.
Entrant #1: Jason Digby
Entrant #2: Adam Pattison
Entrant #3: SAS
Entrant #4: Big J Johnson
Entrant #5: Charlie Windsor with Tommy Lee
Entrant #6: Battlekat CT
Entrant #7: Coby Larson
Entrant #8: PJ Knight
Entrant #9: David Silas
Entrant #10: Brad O’Brien
Entrant #11: Milky O’Hagan
Entrant #12: Malky Taggart
Elimination #1: O’Brien eliminated Digby
Elimination #2: SAS eliminated Larson
Elimination #3: Taggart eliminated Silas
Elimination #4: Taggart eliminated Pattison
Elimination #5: Windsor eliminated O’Hagan
Elimination #6: SAS eliminated Taggart
Elimination #7: O’Brien eliminated CT
Elimination #8: SAS eliminated O’Brien
Elimination #9: SAS eliminated PJ
Elimination #10: Johnson eliminated SAS
Elimination #11: Johnson eliminated Windsor

– Milky O’Hagan returned to the ring to embrace his tag team partner as Commissioner Scott Hall made his way out to the ring to present Big J Johnson with the inaugural ‘Carols and Carnage’ Trophy.

4. Mr Anderson defeated Ricky Knight Jr by pinfall.

– Despite having an indefinite ban, Luke Hawx rushed Mr Anderson in the ring and blindsided him before calling out Commissioner Scott Hall and demanding that he be allowed retribution after Anderson cost him the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. Commissioner Hall upheld the indefinite suspension but added that he would be outlining Hawx’s future with WAW over the coming weeks.

5. King Kendo versus Alex Young ended in a no contest when a masked man, accompanied by Innocence, interfered and threw a fireball into Kendo’s face.

– The masked man revealed himself as Sam Knee. Knee then attacked Alex Young before backstage officials came out to separate Knee from his victims and escort King Kendo and Young backstage.

6. Brad Slayer © defeated Doug Williams by pinfall to retain the WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.

7. Nick Aldis defeated Kip Sabian by submission.

8. Aaron Sharp defeated Demolition Davies by pinfall.

– A video recap of the events between Ricky and Zak Knight aired, including Ricky’s betrayal of his son, and the Hardcore Steel Cage match which took place earlier in the year between The Superflys and The UK Hooligans.

– Zak Knight told referee Scott Edgar to keep the cage door open so that Steve Quintain, Ivan Trevors and Hot Stuff could exit the ring. Ricky Knight revealed the the title contract hadn’t been signed by The Superflys but by Old School and that all five of them would be competing in the match.

9. The UK Hooligans [Zak and Roy Knight] © versus Old School [Ricky Knight, Jimmy Ocean, Steve Quintain, Ivan Trevors and Hot Stuff] in a Handicap Hardcore Steel Cage match for the WAW World Tag Team Championship is currently ongoing. The Battlekats and Alex Young broke into the cage and joined the fight against Old School.

9. Old School [Ricky Knight, Jimmy Ocean, Steve Quintain, Ivan Trevors and Hot Stuff] defeated The UK Hooligans [Zak and Roy Knight] © by escaping the cage in a Hardcore Handicap Steel Cage match to win the WAW World Tag Team Championship. During the match The Battlekats and Alex Young broke into the cage to even the odds against Old School only for Ricky Knight Jr and Alex Young to betray the Hooligans and side with Old School. King Kendo made his way out and entered the ring, seemingly at Old School’s behest, only for him to run Old School out of the ring and embrace Zak and Roy.

– The UK Hooligans proclaimed their utter disbelief that Ricky Knight Jr and Alex Young could possibly betray them after how much they’d done for the two, and that they were thankful for King Kendo being the only one to save themselves and PJ Knight from a 7 on 3 beatdown. Zak explained that Kendo may have had differences with the Knight Dynasty over the years but that he had always shown respect for WAW, and that he was happy to finally welcome him as a friend. He then added that Ricky Jr will be defending his Under-23 title against PJ Knight in the near future before the older Ricky cut in to state that his faction now hold more than half of the titles in the company, and will be looking to add more soon. Commissioner Scott Hall came out to restore order, sending Old School backstage immediately, then announced that he may have to bring in some “old friends” to maintain the peace at the next TV taping.


By Dan Nash

Attendance 550 sell out.

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Lowestoft Results – 18/12/16

1. The Morning Star with Innocence defeated TJ Daniels by pinfall.

– The Morning Star threw a fireball into TJ Daniels’ face.

2. Robin Lekime defeated Jason Digby by pinfall.

3. PJ Knight defeated Ricky Knight Jr © and Sonny Smasher by pinfall when he pinned Ricky Jr to win the WAW Under-23 Championship.

– PJ Knight and Sonny Smasher were joined in the ring by Zak Knight and Nikki Knight to celebrate PJ’s title victory. Zak pointed out that PJ has proved that he is the better Battlekat, having beaten Ricky Knight Jr for the Under-23 title despite not being medically fit after suffering an injury last night.

– Luke Hawx “justified” his assault on a fan by claiming that he has a right to defend himself and that he doesn’t care what Commissioner Scott Hall or anyone else thinks about. Hawx then criticised the beliefs of his former friend King Kendo, who had expressed his disdain for Hawx’s actions on social media.

4. King Kendo defeated Luke Hawx by pinfall. Hawx attempted to walk out on the match but Commissioner Scott Hall cut him off at the entrance and physically forced him back into the ring. Hall returned to intervene again when Hawx tried to hit Kendo with a steel chair.

5. Steve Quintain defeated Malky Taggart by submission.

– Alex Young tried to attack Mr Anderson during his self-introduction but Anderson turned the tables on him and decided to skip the rest of his introduction.

6. Mr Anderson defeated Alex Young by pinfall.

7. Lory defeated Lisa Marie by submission

8. The UK Hooligans [Zak and Roy Knight] defeated The Regency [Charlie Windsor and Keegan] by pinfall when Roy pinned Windsor.

Attendance 200 sell out.

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WAW Bellatrix next weekend of shows  at Epic Studios are 20/21 January as follows.

Friday 20th night of champions  WAW 7-30pm

Saturday 21st Bellatrix female warriors 3pm

Saturday 21st War games WAW,



front row 40 pounds covers all shows

2nd  row 30 pounds        "

3rd   row 20 pounds       "

​general 12 pounds per show

family of 4 35 pounds per show.

family weekend deal 75 pounds,


ticket outlets,

WAW 01603 485719 card payment available

online at www.wawuk.com


one massive match announced so far Friday 20th

British light heavyweight championship

Ricky Knight Jnr v El Ligero.


more updates and match details to follow.


Saturday Bellatrix/WAW Shows will be available on IPPV For a special price of 4.99 covers both shows.

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What's the status of that with the news that Swagger hasn't been released from his contract by the WWE? Assuming it's off the table.

Chris Masters took his place.


First time I've been to a WAW show and thought it was excellent, great set up as well, probably the best in the country.

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