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Jody Fleisch dvd's


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Having wracked my brains for about 3 minutes and first checking Smart Mark Video, which seemed to exist in a previous lifetime, a simple Web search came up with RF Video. I did have something on tape at one time, possibly the same collection and pretty much all I can recall of it was grainy footage of him as Dakko Chan for M. Pro. Possibly that & CZW.


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Having checked, I discovered that it was the same one I have. However, when I transferred the tape to DVD, I edited out some of the footage. Could have been down to poor quality, or that I already had it on another tape. Fortunately, I kept basic records & for the matches I retained (around 12 in total), the VQ was classed as '8/9', which equated to good / v. good, in VHS terms. Whether it's worth $20 or whatever they want for it, plus shipping is not something I can answer, particularly as I wasn't a huge fan.  

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