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WXW 16 carat gold 2016


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daisuke seikmoto out, drew galloway in. 


dont speak german but from what i could pick up it was as if daisuke had been double booked.


Damn that sucks! Been dying to see Daisuke again since 16 Carat 2012. He nearly had a UK debut for IPW a year or 2 back but withdrew from that (I think due to injury.


Solid replacement in Galloway though

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has anyone ever made the trip to dortmund while there for 16 carat ? 


dortmund are playing on the saturday on what looks to be a 1530 kickoff. think we'd be an hour late getting to the turbinhalle afterwards if we went. 


how are wxw for late entries ? 

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Tommy End is now out of 16 Carat due to injury. His replacement is Silas Young. 


First round matches are: 


Marty Scrull vs Axel Dieter Jr - I Quit Match


Angelico vs Trevor Lee


Zack Sabre Jr vs Big Daddy Walter


Silas Young vs Drew Galloway 


Ilja Draganov vs Mike Bailey


Shane Strickland vs Will Ospreay 


Sasa Keel vs The Winner of road to 16 carat league


Sami Callihan vs Kim Ray

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