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Royal Rumble Stats [2016 Edition]


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Andre eliminated himself in 1989 to get away from Damien too.


One of those Rumble inconsistencies. Like Vader chucking michaels and others in 1996 but them being allowed to continue, despite the many other illegal eliminations over the years being OK.


That inconsistency is incredible, really, in that you'd think they'd make the rule clearer, especially after 1995 when they decided to make the "both feet" rule transparent after the "Only one of Shawn Michaels' feet touched the floor" debacle.


Examples -


1990 - Bad News Brown, already eliminated, pulls out Roddy Piper. Stands.

1992 - Hulk Hogan, biggest cheat in wrestling history, already out, helps pull out Sid. Stands.

1993 - Giant Gonzalez, not even in the fucking match, eliminates Undertaker. Stands.

1996 - Vader, already eliminated, eliminates Shawn Michaels. Michaels allowed back in for shits and giggles.

1997 - Steve Austin, already eliminated, eliminates three guys and is able to win. WWF throws a fit, Final Four happens.

2005 - Kurt Angle, already eliminated, comes back in and eliminates Shawn Michaels. Nobody bats an eyelid. Fuck you, Shawn.

2006 - Shane McMahon, not even in the fucking match, eliminates Shawn Michaels. Err.... this is getting silly.


And so on, so forth.

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