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WWE.com's 50 worst ring names


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So WWE.com have done a photo gallery list thing of the worst ring names ever, and this is what they said. I don't think it's in any particular order, but they said:


1. Bastion Booger

2. Just Joe

3. Scotty Flamingo

4. Ace Darling

5. Chip Minton

6. Meat

7. Well Dunn

8. Terra Ryzing

9. Gashouse Gilbert

10. The Gymini

11. Mantaur

12. Justin Credible

13. Kelly Kelly

14. G. I. Bro

15. Thurman 'Sparky' Plugg

16. Henry O. Godwinn and Phineas I. Godwinn

17. Jimmy Wang Yang

18. The Red rooster

19. Skip and Zip

20. Who

21. Arachnaman

22. Man Mountain Rock

23. Maxx Muscle

24. Dr. Isaac Yankem

25. Crowbar

26. Uncle Elmer

27. Roadkill

28. Tugboat

29. Kwang

30. Bertha Faye

31. Battle Kat

32. Super Giant Ninja

33. Max Moon

34. Michael McGillicutty

35. Pez Whatley

36. Super Invader

37. Super Porky

38. The Booty Man

39. The Blacktop Bully

40. Rad Radford

41. The Goon

42. Muffy Mower

43. Firebreaker Chip

44. M. I. Smooth

45. Kwee Wee

46. Chilly Willy

47. Tough Tom and Mean Mike

48. Blue Meanie

49. Peggy Lee Leather

50. The Ding Dongs



The prevailing question for me after looking at the list was: who was Super Giant Ninja?! Super Giant Ninja! What did he do?



What do you think about the list? Have they missed anyone off? Which name is the worst?


I'm surprised Adam Bomb isn't on there, or Mike Awesome for that matter - they're possibly as bad as a Kelly Kelly, or a Justin Credible or a Rad Radford. Balls Mahoney's not the best either. And of course, there are no TNA names here, like Rellik (it's killer backwards), or Suicide...


For those who've ever done the fantasy booking / e-fedding / Lister-style Rough Book thing, what's the worst ring name you ever came up with for anyone… or yourself?


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Hard to argue with many of them. Crowbar and Roadkill are OK. Tugboat was fine for that time too. Muffy, Booty Man and Kwee Wee deserve to be higher.


Shows how bad Michael McGillicutty is that it's just a name and it makes the list.

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Most wrestling names are horrible if they dont get over to be fair. If "Hulk Hogan" was a massive star, and was doing jobs on Challenge that would be pretty terrible. Triple H as well. If Crowbar got over massive, you wouldnt think that was to made.


Nothing wrong with Crowbar anyway. That's a decent name.

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