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I’m taking part in a custom contest, with a cash prize. hosted by Jeremy Padawer. There’s some great figures, but this has just been uploaded. Even if I win, I’m sending this lad the winnings.  Mr B

Can’t resist posting the reason my wife married me...

When Series 3 came out over here, it meant we had had 2 of the 3 Warriors in our collection. Naturally the newest, purple one was the Ultimate Warrior, but series 2 White trunks had to change, to his

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Bugging me now the figure I though was haku. Purple tight, bare feet, white shells necklace . Same action as koko.

Your mistaken by purple bottoms and I think your mixing a few figures together including Kamala, possibly shangos removable necklace, but at a guess, your thinking of the headshrinkers. Or a custom of course.

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Apparently these were to be the series 12 heads for Hasbro (the "orange" cards)




So looks like Men on a Mission, Taker (with the face mask), Double J, Lex and the other face looks like Texas Tornado - maybe it's a place holder for another figure ?. I'm guessing Diesel would have definitely be included as that head sculpt was used for a Mannix bootleg figure. 


Going back to the Galoob line, I think in their own way they were as good as Hasbro. Maybe better for display pieces now too, as some Hasbro's have the tendency to fall over as they don't seem to balance right. Although they weren't movable, back in the day Sting could be used for press slams, suplexes, drop kicks and such. Plus if you compare some designs to the "jump" mechanism Hasbro's they are actually better designed for playability. Although some have limited potential moves such as the Ron Simmons, El Gigante designs for example.  


As for Hasbro's they waited a bit too late too for removable hats (the series 10 Bushwhackers came with baseball caps). They could have designed them so you had the entrance attire (ie for Mountie - his jacket, hat, caddle prod) with his wrestling attire underneath. They kinda did that inadvertently a bit later on when they had Ted DiBiase in his ring attire as the two previous Million Dollar Man figures were the black & green suits. Instead of having multiples of each figure they could and should have included managers, Haku, Barbarian, Orient Express, Dino Bravo, Power & Glory, Beverly Brothers among others and if they kept the series going - Body-Donnas with Sunny, Bob Backlund, Jerry Lawler, Diesel, Kama, King Kong Bundy et al. You'd have thought they'd have made a Hasbro of everyone they had on the roster, especially in the early 90s in the UK as other action figure lines had lots of characters to collect.  

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This was before shango amd headshrinkers etc, my uncle had loads of figures before I had many, and remember playing with his, would have been 92ish and given my gran was buying them for him( he was 16 and disabled) . wasn't gonna be a custom back then. I know the difference between Those said above and what I remember. Have looked up full list and none fit with what I remember, and my memory is usually spot on with this sort of thing, which is annoying me even more now. I'll just shut up.

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Behind the Ghostbusters, the Hasbro's ran them very very close as being my favourite childhood toyline.


I have spoke about the Hasbro's before to a worryingly identic memory of which was my first and in what order I got the rest etc, but I won't bother with that this time because it ain't really that important! What I will say however is that in terms of what age it is deemed uncool to still play with toys, I pushed it and probably went way over. I think my friends tended to stop playing with figures roundabout the age of 12, possibly 13. I carried on well into my 15th year and I think had a small return to them at the age of 19/20 when I purchased a load on Ebay. Granted it only lasted a couple of weeks mainly because of the sheer embarrassment of not realising my folks had returned home, me being in my room and them probably hearing the unmistakeable bangs and crashes of the plastic wrestling figure slamming into the plastic, hollowed wrestling ring!! Sad case!


I remember marker penning He-Man's hair and fashioning a really rough and poor looking black singlet to create Diesel. Marker penning the Hogan figure to create Hollywood Hogan, the Rocker Shawn Michaels figure to become Owen Hart and one of those really cheap figures you'd get and turning him into Steve Austin. This particular figure having the slightest tuft of hair on his head and an eye patch, but he was as close to Austin as I was gonna get!


In the Spring of 1998, I remember getting into them again with the emergence of the Attitude era. I modelled my fed around (at the time) current events. The real World Steve Austin became my Macho Man (purple trunks) hasbro, Dude Love became Jeff Jarrett (who i'd fashioned from a second Mr. Perfect figure I had) and the Vince McMahon role was played by Dennis Nedry (the Jurassic Park figure with removable arms!). I had some cracking Tag feuds with some made up teams of Papa Shango and Brian Knobbs, Virgil and Doink, Owen & Bulldog and Earthquake & Sid.

I used to nick school textbooks from erm, school and would write down everything in them. The factions i'd created at the beginning, the entire Title history over several pages, believe it or not an actual win/loss column for every figure before finally heading into the events. The most decorated figure I had was Shawn Michaels. A multiple World Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, King of the Ring winner and Royal Rumble winner.


When I went back to the figures at an age when I should have known better, i used to cut out the Title belts from WWF Magazine (there was a specific page advertising all the replica Belts that were for sale) out and glue them onto thicker paper for a very realistic size comparable to the Hasbro figures and clasp them with a small piece of blutac.



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Ahh Hasbro figures. I could probably talk for ages about nostalgic memories with these beautiful fuckers during my childhood.


Countless hours spent playing with them. Going to the extremes to use insulation tape to put them in costumes of more current wrestlers (turning my spare Bam Bam into Vader, etc). Suffering a similar disappointment as Raid when a neighbour bought me what I just KNEW was a wrestling figure, seeing it under the tree for two weeks, only to open it up and find the fucking Warlord. But since I got the ring and four other figures, that made the day awesome. Always seemed to break my rings though. Vividly remember the swap-it shop in Birmingham that had all sorts of whacky random ones appearing, including an Andre The Giant/Akeem two-pack that my Mom could have got me for a fiver and didn't (and I never did have either of them). Going to Woolworths and seeing an entire wall of unwanted IRS figures and politely declining when my Dad offered to get me one.


The thing that really used to piss me off rotten was that I was collecting them for like four years as a kid, slowly growing the amount I had, and then at some point in school, a few friends became massive wrestling fans, went to a carboot sale, and within weeks had collections that dwarfed mine, including figures I'd never even had a chance to get. Felt completely unjust. This guy has been a fan for two months and he has the 1-2-3 Kid and Andre? HOW?


Also remember when I moved away from Birmingham to a new school in Shropshire, I had Yoko, and an older kid who I thought was a friend proposed a swap: my Yoko for six figures he would send in the mail to my new address. My Mom immediately smelled a rat and demanded I get Yoko back before this dude fleeced me on my last day of school, only somewhat making up for her depriving me of the chance to sing Jive Soul Bro as I walked Akeem down the imaginary aisle.


Was very sad when it became clear that they just...stopped making them. 

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There defo was a haku, purple tights with the leg stomp action. Have a feeling barbarian too


No, and no.

Though I never collected the figures, I read a PWI in 1989 with a figure advert and had no idea Haku had held the "King" title (it was always Duggan as far as I knew in my early days).


And here it is. Though it appears it was never officially released. It seems these were LJNs, not Hasbros (this really isn't my area of expertise).



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I had the gorilla press slam Hogan (where he lifts both arms up), Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Who I had no idea of when I was a kid and thought it was Big show for some reason, Ultimate warrior.......and Sting + Ric Flair from the fixed position WCW figures. I also had the Blue Ring that WWE made for the Hasbro's hah.


All of the above was bought from my local outdoor market......along with most of my other toys when I was a kid. Wrestlers were £1 each, and I can't recall how much the ring was at the time. 

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There wasn't a Dino Bravo was there? I've always hated him but he was always around the major cards for years. Odd he wasn't included.


Could have had some brilliant fun recreating Bushwhackers vs Bravo & Hammer from Supertape 1.


Or at least stood him ringside for Earthquake squashes.

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