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Amazon Fire / Kodi


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Kodi is an app you install on the fire tv, then you install channels. There must be 100s out there but you are basically installing streams of all tv/film/sport. There's loads of how tos and it takes about an hour. They're only £35 but cracked ones on eBay for £60.


Great for prem footy, you get all the 3pm games too!

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I've recently got a Fire Stick and installed Kodi. While I'm happy enough with the plethora of free HD films and TV shows, a lot of the add-ons flat-out refuse to work. For example, watching US TV is near enough impossible and the only app I got it working on (Phoenix) abruptly stopped working a few weeks ago.

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Kodi's great if you're using it like you would Netflix etc but it's such a hit and a miss for sports that I'm not quite ready to finally tell Sky were to stick it. Haven't tried watching live TV channels on it but what I hear from mates that do, is constant dropouts or taking so long to find a decent stream that you end up missing half the show, basically the same problem with the Sports. Still, it's definitely worth the £30 and an hour of your time.

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