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Something happening at TNA


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Whats WGN? I assume it's not a big network


I know this probably a daft question but does anyone actually think TNA can ever be a profitable business? They're branding is at best messy at worst toxic, they've a reputation for fucking employees over, their back catalogue isn't worth a wank, think I've answered my own question really

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I never understood people's enthusiasm for having a "Coming soon" or "Under construction" page when having a new site built.


I've had people ask me for it in the past and just flat out refused, telling them why do they want to remove their old site, which still has information visitors may be looking for, just to tell them a new site’s coming? Just replace it with the new site when it’s finished.


It also harms search engine rankings if you pull your site as Google thinks, "Oh, that content’s gone. Best remove it from the index and not bother crawling it for a while.”

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