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Wrestlers (past/present) with the best 'engines'


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Hi guys


Who had the best engine e.g.


Flair could go 60 minutes and his work was still clean, he didnt look sloppy & he didnt look like he'd die of dehydration whereas Warrior looked exhausted with his entrace.


My top 5 are


1. Flair

2. Steamboat

3. Angle

4. Peak Barry Windham

5. Shawn Michaels


Whose yours?

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I think Flair has to top this by a country mile doesn't he? The number of hour "broadways" he wrestled as NWA Champion are infamous. 

Mind you, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of NWA champions of past era's needed such superhuman stamina, so maybe we are disregarding those who came before our time.

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Virgil and Tatanka's gear sticks were pretty huge I hear.


As is Lanny Poffo's.


Is that not just flexability, though? I always heard he could suck his own dick, but the man was capable of doing the splits. Maybe its a tiny plonker, but he can get a good reach.



Can't the singer Prince do the same thing? I remember somebody at my school always mentioning that. Think he was a bit of a sex pest.

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