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A Survivor Series match a day


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So I did a Mania match a day, and then I did a Summerslam match a day. Since Survivor Series, another one of the Big Four, is coming up next month, so I figured I would once again get my money's worth out of the Network and watch a match from each one in the weeks leading up to the show (reviewing as I watch). It's also because for a lot of Survivor Series shows over the years, I've either not seen them for ages, or never seen them at all.



What I'm after before I start the project (which'll probably be this weekend) is suggestions of which matches to watch. I haven't seen much of Survivor Serieses up to 1999, really, and most of the last decade looks a bit unmemorable. What are your favourite matches from the shows? What are the underrated gems? The must-watches?


The only restriction is that I'll only watch a particular wrestler three times over the course of the month. With Survivor Series matches themselves taking up 10 people a time, this could be a challenge, but I reckon it's doable!



The reviews will turn up below:


Survivor Series 1987 - Team Strike Force vs. Team Hart Foundation

Survivor Series 1988 - Team Mega Powers vs. Team Twin Towers

Survivor Series 1989 - The King's Court vs. The 4x4s

Survivor Series 1990 - The Million Dollar Team vs. The Dream Team

Survivor Series 1991 - Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan

Survivor Series 1992 - Big Bossman vs. Nailz

Survivor Series 1993 - Team IRS vs. Team Ramon

Survivor Series 1994 - The Royal Family vs. Clowns R' Us

Survivor Series 1995 - Team Faye vs. Team Blayze

Survivor Series 1996 - Shawn Michaels vs. Psycho Sid

Survivor Series 1997 - Kane vs. Mankind

Survivor Series 1998 - Mankind vs. The Rock

Survivor Series 1999 - Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Stasiak

Survivor Series 2000 - DX vs. The Radicalz

Survivor Series 2001 - Team WWF vs. The Alliance

Survivor Series 2002 - Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

Survivor Series 2003 - Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff

Survivor Series 2004 - Spike Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Billy Kidman

Survivor Series 2005 - Triple H vs. Ric Flair

Survivor Series 2006 - Team DX vs. Team Rated-RKO

Survivor Series 2007 - Great Khali vs. Hornswoggle

Survivor Series 2008 - Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Edge

Survivor Series 2009 - Team Mickie vs. Team Michelle

Survivor Series 2010 - Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase

Survivor Series 2011 - The Rock & John Cena vs. Awesome Truth

Survivor Series 2012 - CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Ryback

Survivor Series 2013 - The Shield & The Real Americans vs. The Rhodes Brothers, The Usos & Rey Mysterio

Survivor Series 2014 - Team Cena vs. The Authority




Matches featuring Matilda most welcome.

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What are the underrated gems?


I'll give this a whirl.


I nearly recommended that you run through the three Series run of Orton matches with 2003, 2004 and 2005 as they are the most memorable (or in some cases only memorable) matches from their respective shows, but if you do that you deprive yourself of the great fun of Randy vs Shawn Michaels from 2007 - a really great piece of storytelling (Shawn is not allowed to use the superkick in the match) with a great finish that I really think gets overlooked. Give one of the Survivors' eliminators a miss * and give that a whirl instead, also making a change from the Survivors' format.


Speaking of storytelling, pretty much the only match worth watching in 1990 (unless you're a mark for the Power-Plex) is Dream Team vs Million $ Team. I won't ruin the story in question if you haven't seen it, but it once prompted me to start a thread, so I was pretty blown away by it.


Honestly with the way the first 5 Survivors are arranged especially, I think you might struggle to stick to watching each wrestler only 3 times and still have watchable matches, especially without taking up valuable Bret or Shawn spots for a bit later, but good luck. For the record, this is what I'd probably think about trying to do from some of those shows myself.....


87 - Savage/Jake/Steamboat/Beefcake/Duggan vs Honky/Hercules/Davis/Bass/Race

88 - Powers of Pain/Harts/Bulldogs/Rockers/Stallions vs Demolition/Brain Busters/Rougeaus/Bolsheviks/Conquistadors

89 - Hulkamaniacs (Hogan/Jake/Demolition) vs Million Dollar Team (DiBiase/Zeus/Powers of Pain)

90 - Dream Team (Dusty/Harts/Koko) vs Million Dollar Team (DiBiase/Rhythm & Blues/MYSTERY PARTNER)

91 - Oh dear, I'm going to run out of Bret. Errrr...............

92 - Goddamn it, why did I use up all my Bret!

93 - Razor/Savage/Kid/Marty vs IRS/Diesel/Model/Adam Bomb

94 - The Bad Guys (Razor/Smithers/Kid/Headshrinkers) vs The Teamsters (Shawn/Diesel/Double J/Owen/Anvil)

95 - Underdogs (Barry Horowitz/Marty/Hakushi/Bobcore) vs Body Donnas (Skip/Kid/Dr Tom Prichard/Rad Radford)

96 - Bret Hart vs Steve Austin

97 - Ahmed/Shamrock/LOD vs Farooq/Rock/Godfather/D'Lo is kinda fun.

98 - Steve Austin vs Mankind

99 - Wow, that show was shit.

2000 - Also pretty shit.

2001 - Team WWF (Rock/Jericho/Undertaker/Kane/Big Show) vs Team Alliance (Austin/Angle/Booker T/RVD/Shane O)

2002 - Brock Lesnar vs Big Show is great fun. Plus, I'm nearly out of Shawn.

2003 - Team Austin (Shawn and some other blokes) vs Team Bischoff (Jericho/Christian/Orton/Henry/Steiner)

2004 - Orton/Jericho/Benoit/Maven (yes) vs Triple H/Batista/Edge/Snitsky

2005 - Fuck knows, can't run out of Randy or Shawn.

2006 - I remember none of this show except DX crushing Rated-RKO, and you can't have that.

2007 - Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels


It all gets a bit samey and shit here, and I've already used up Shawn and Randy's three goes each so I'm no help to you from here, really. I really wanted the Wildcard Match from 1995 but that would take up a Shawn spot, and you don't want to lose 2003's blinder, and I worry what else to offer from 1994 unless you want to watch Hitman lie in the chicken-wing for three weeks. Or Clowns R Us.




2013 - The Shield & some guys vs some guys.


* definitely not 2003. Although I just realized I've used Shawn 4 times anyway. Oh dear.

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Sycho Sid vs HBK from 1996 is just brilliant, Michaels is the wrestler of the year for pulling that match out of Sid alone. Its also a change of tack from the obvious choice (Austin vs Bret) from that year if you were struggling to limit your Bret matches. That said, your HBK quota will require some exclusions and I'm reluctant to let you do this without watching him in 2002 or 1997 - but above all do not sleep on that '96 title match.

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The nip up into the clothesline spot is superb.


This will be good, glad to see the Underdogs match mentioned, though as a one off I really dug the Wild Card match from that same show. Not sure if its just nostalgia saying that...


89 also has a fun 4x4s Vs. Kings Court match, though with your rule of 3 you may want to save the Bret for 90.


There is NOTHING on 94 outside of Bret, a horrible show and scary precursor for the year ahead.


93 has Bodies Vs. Rock n Roll Express as a sleeper. Crowd isnt into it much, but the work is good. Del Rey with an Asai Moonsault in 93 WWF continued my "who is this awesome guy" vibe from Summerslam

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It's not, they did far worse with another four Doinks the falling year.


Speaking of the 94 show, how good is the WWF Title match on that show? Bret is in the Cross-Face Chicken Wing for 9 and a half minutes while Owen is putting on a master class of storytelling showing how upset and sorry he is for what his actions have caused and pleading to get his mum to throw in the towel to save Bret from injury...which she does and he pelts it to the back grinning from ear to ear and is the happiest guy in the world. Top notch stuff

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It's not, they did far worse with another four Doinks the falling year.




No, no. no! '93 involved someone being pinned after slipping on a banana skin, and someone else being pinned after being soaked by a water balloon. At least '94s version had Doink actually appear, and with the midgets and Lawler involved, you knew it would be a genuine attempt at a comedy match. Not the car-crash we sat through in 1993.

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The crucial flaw in 4 Kings VS 4 Doinks was that Doink and Lawler were only allowed to be in the ring with each other so as soon as Doink gets pinned the match is effectively over, but they have to carry on anyway.


Please don't confuse "crucial" with "only."

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I admit I hadn't considered Michaels vs. Sid for 96 at all, my first instinct was to go with Bret vs. Austin, but I may have to reconsider my options… Bloody Shawn Michaels.

On the back of the New gen podcast covering it, I watched Shawn-Sid for the first time since I was a kid. It's excellent and the crowd are hyped for the Sid win. Bloody Noo Yoikers.

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Right! I'm going to get started on this now, even though Hell In A Cell's this weekend, because some of these matches are quite long and I don't want to get behind and have to watch four in a row halfway through November.


Beginning with 1987, and I've chosen Team Strike Force vs. Team Hart Foundation. Mainly, I've picked this because it's a multi-multi-multi-man tag match and I'm just intrigued to see how they're all going to fit on the apron. I'm aware that this uses up one of my Bret Hart picks. I'm okay with that.



The match:


We start with an interview with the Hart Foundation's team. They've got Bobby Heenan with them and he's doing the talking while they're all laughing and going "aaaaah" in the background. We've got The Islanders, Demolition, Greg Valentine's there, and Jimmy Hart's turned up to help as well. This is going to be chaos.


Slick! Slick's in the ring as Nikolai Volkoff sings the Russian national anthem. Presumably an abridged version. Volkoff and Zhukov must be on this team as well. Demolition turns up with Mr Fuji, the Dream Team (that's why Valentine was there, with Dino Bravo) and their manager whose name I missed, The Islanders with Heenan and finally the Hart Foundation with Jimmy. There's not even going to be any room ringside with five managers on one team!


Strike Force team interview… Dynamite Kid wearing an outrageous cape that Neville needs to borrow quick sharp. The Rougeaus are there. The Killer Bees? These lot are going "ooh ooh ooh" and fist pumping in the background. Silly.


Oh, and The Young Stallions, who are Paul Roma and a name I didn't catch. 


I've missed all their entrances and the rules (I think if one team member gets eliminated, the whole team's out, so we're not getting 19 pinfalls here), someone just mentioned MATILDA but she's not there because she wouldn't get her fair share of camera time with two dozen others out there, because I've been looking for a photo of these sparkly Union flag capes.


I can't find a good one, but there's a picture if you google 'British Bulldogs Survivor Series 1987'. There must be one knocking around the Warehouse that Neville can borrow, even if it's just for the NXT UK tour.


That cape's completely distracted me, the match has been going on for a minute or two now and the Russians are already eliminated as Tito pins Zhukov! We've got Jacques Rougeau and Dino Bravo now, and the Bees in now, and then Davey Boy, and then Smash, and then Tito again, these are quick tags, and I wonder if the people sat at ringside can actually see anything for all the blokes on the apron.


Haku's got some nifty tights on as he tags in, the Usos might want to give him a call for tips. Every time I look away and look back there's two others in the ring. Neidhart and Roma for a bit, and Haku again.


Jim Powers! That's the other Young Stallion. The Rougeaus have actually been the most impressive team for me so far, but they just got pinned, so that's that then. I could swear that was a four-count, must be Earl Hebner in there, he did that a lot if I remember correctly. Anvil's just carrying Powers on his shoulder and Haku jumps off the top rope onto him, I'm fairly surprised that didn't get a three.


Might be Dave, actually.


Who's not been in yet? Don't think I've seen Bret, or Valentine, and possibly not Martel either. Spoke too soon, Valentine's in and the Hart team are now dominating the proceedings. 


REF BUMP! Demolition just got eliminated for smacking the referee, which is fine because we now have Bret Hart vs. Dynamite Kid. Now there's a match I wouldn't mind watching, did that ever happen in WWE? Their exchange doesn't last long before Powers comes in, but that's been my highlight so far. Tama goes for Tama Time and here's Martel, and Tama's being smacked all over the place! A repeat with Tito and Neidhart, Tito goes for a pin, but Bret breaks it up, and Santana just got pinned as I was writing that. Bye Strike Force, that was unexpected.


Things have calmed down a bit now as we've got slightly more reasonable number of people involved, but it still feels like we haven't got out of the 'early going' section of the match. I suppose we're not even at halfway so that would be logical and MONSOON JUST SAID "CLOTHESLINE CITY". Twenty eight years before Suplex City, there was Clothesline City... sadly that one mustn't have caught on. Clap clap clap-clap-clap.


Every one of these teams has nice and clearly defined colours which makes it dead easy to know who's with who, except when Valentine's in with a Stallion (who wear red) because he must have wanted to wear his red pants as well. Bravo's in black, so they don't even match. Dream Team my arse. They should wear Harchester Purple.




Ooh! Dynamite and Bret are back in! But not for long, it's Roma again. The Young Stallions are getting a lot of ring time tonight. For some reason B. Brian Blair just headbutted Dynamite Kid and Haku together, even though Dynamite's on his time. You'd think that's going to hurt Dynamite just as much. Oh well, Stallions in again… and now Davey and bret, this is more like it. Bret press slammed! Kicks out! Aaaaaaand powerslam for Haku, and he kicks out! Dynamite headbutt, and this time he did hurt himself just as much! Haku kicks him in the face and there go the Bulldogs.


Haku beats up Roma again, tags in Bravo, who I must say looks awful compared to the rest of this lot. Currently it's Dream Team, Harts and Islanders vs. Stallions and Bees. I can't see the Bees being the only team left on their side, so it's either going to be an underdog Stallions win or a rout for Team Hart.


The pace has slowed right down as the Dream Team take turns beating up Powers, it feels like it's gone on for an age compared to the first few minutes of this match. Powers counters the figure four and tags in Roma, who hits a lovely top rope sunset flip on Valentine for a three count. So long, Dream Team! It's Killer Stallions vs. Hart Islanders!


We're into Young Stallions Get Beaten Up, Part 45191 now. Neidhart had a go, the Islanders had a go, but Brunzell's in now for a change. Spoke too soon, Roma's in again. He hits a lovely second rope fist drop on Bret Hart but Bret kicks out and instigates Part 45192.


Some stuff happens for a bit, the crowd doesn't sound very interesting and neither am I, but Brunzell just pinned Bret! Hart Foundation are out! That was surprising, I take it back about the Bees. The Islanders are outnumbered now, and that apron's looking very lonely. However, they don't seem to mind, because they are in full control of Brunzell. This is going on a while.


Here's Powers again, and he seems to have got his energy back, because he and Roma actually have the advantage for a few seconds… or so I thought, as Part 45193 begins. Blair tagged in, and I think he's getting pinned in a minute. Big flying forearm from Tama, and the crowd wakes up again. He misses a big elbow, and I'm wrong about Blair because Brunzell's back with a second wind. Dropkick to Tama, Haku saves him. Hang on?! B. Brian Blair's just stuck a mask on, jumped in without tagging, and won the match! That's novel.


Stupid, but novel.



My thoughts:


Hit and miss match. The opening section with all twenty guys in was almost too much to take in, it felt too busy, a right cluster at times. As the numbers slowly whittled down there were some great pairings of people - Bret and Dynamite being the standout for me - but there was a hell of a lot of Young Stallions Getting Beaten Up - especially considering they didn't even get the winning pinfall at the end. As the numbers got smaller, the match did drag a bit, and that ending came out of nowhere. 


It leaves me with a question. Why doesn't every tag team just have masks that they put on at the key moment in a match so they can get away with not tagging? If my tag partner and I saw the Killer Bees get away with that, I'd have nicked that idea straight away.


Mind, if I'd been watching as the referee, I would have to seriously question how Brunzell managed to find the time to get his mask and shove it on while being attacked by The Islanders, but maybe that's why I'm not a referee.


The Bulldogs' capes were good.

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1988 time, and I'll have a main event I think. Team Mega Powers vs. Team Twin Towers.



The match:


This show has the whole 'what you are about to watch doesn't necessarily conform to WWE's corporate views' disclaimer at the start of it. Was that always there or is that a recent Hogan thing?


I've left the beginning of the show playing and Warrior just ran down to the ring and his music's playing and I'm slightly regretting my choice of match. But I shall persevere. Don't let me down, main event.


Warrior's so much fucking cooler than Hogan, though. Always was. WOYAH 4 LYF.


Oh come on, I'm trying to skip but Honky Tonk Man's music's playing now. Cracking, cracking bit of entrance music. I will watch the main event, I will watch the main event...


I did it. So it's Bossman, Akeem, Haku (who has risen through the ranks to become royalty since last year), DiBiase and … Red Rooster? One of those things is not like the other...


Bossman was always one of my favourites when I was little. But THERE'S THAT MUSIC… no, not fucking Real American, it's Randy Savage! He's the Champion, and it's glorious, this music, glorious. He's decked out in red and yellow and how can you not love the guy? He's followed by Koko B Ware, Hillbilly Jim and Hercules, which makes it seem like the other team's got a big advantage, but to be honest I expect the Mega Powers could probably take on the five of them by themselves. Hogan comes out after that (he gets his own entrance) and he wants a piece of the bad guys straight away. Bossman's shaking with anger at ringside. This is heated, I love it!


Side-note: Koko B Ware looks a right shortarse next to Hogan.


So, Bossman wants Hogan and vice versa, and DiBiase wants Hercules, but it's Savage and DiBiase to start things off. I'm happy with that. The crowd are into this. Great opening exchange before Savage gets the advantage and tags in Hercules, who chases Ted around the ring and then tags in the Red Rooster. What's the story behind that name? Because it's not a good name.


Koko is in now, and yeah, he is a bloody shortarse, he's fucking tiny compared to Akeem, even Haku towers over him. I'm not sure why I've never noticed this up until now.


Side-note: I can only have one more Haku match in this project.


Hogan's in! Smacks Haku with a clothesline, elbow, elbow, and as Jesse Ventura points out, rakes his eyes. Booo Hogan, booo. And now it's Hillbilly Jim and the Rooster, Jim does an elongated "SHALL I?" regarding the kicking of the Rooster in the cock-erel, but doesn't do anything that I can see, presumably the crowd told him he shan't. He tags in Koko again, and Koko tags in Hogan...


Side-note: don't make a comment about Hogan being a racist, don't make a comment about Hogan being a racist...


… and he tags in Savage, MASSIVE elbow, Rooster's pinned, and the crowd goes wild! The Mega Powers team high-five each other and celebrate as if they've won the whole thing. Not yet guys, not yet. The Towers' team are very reluctant to get in, Bobby Heenan has disowned the Rooster, fair enough to be honest, and it's Savage and Haku to restart. The Powers are doing most of the work, unsurprisingly, as Hogan comes in again. Ventura puts over Haku, saying he believes he could go toe to toe with Hogan. Literally, in Haku's case, since he's barefoot. I wonder how many times guys like him accidentally had their foot stood on during matches? And what happened to Tama?


While Akeem and Hercules do some stuff, I'll check.


Hmm. Wikipedia just says he 'left the WWF' and is now 'presumed to be retired'. Akeem eliminated Hillbilly Jim. That was to be expected, he was probably only in there so the Mega Powers didn't get a clean sweep. Watch yourself, Koko, that's you next. Savage and Akeem have a great exchange, makes me want to see a one-on-one match between them. Did it ever happen?


Told you, Koko. Bossman came in, hit one move and eliminated him. Next stop, the 2016 Royal Rumble. Now it's Hogan and Bossman, and the crowd is extremely into this. Hogan clatters him with punches, with a clothesline, with an atomic drop, Savage and Hercules chip in, he's still not gone down, Irish Whip, another clothesline, he's still not down, big boot, and he's not down, Hogan's signalling for a slam AND BOSSMAN GOES DOWN! That was an EFFORT, for ultimately not very much because he recovers straight away and takes Hogan down with a spinebuster. Great stuff. 


The Towers are now together and double team Hogan, and I have a feeling I've misnamed this match because nobody on commentary has made reference to the Twin Towers as a team yet, which I thought they would do. Were they not together at this point? Hogan's down anyway.


Side-note: Other meanings of 'Tama', according to wikipedia...


Side-note to the side-note: DiBiase and Hogan are in now, and they are great together. So many good combinations in this match!


Back to the side-note: A language in Sudan, a drum, a county in Iowa, a Shinto term for reverence for elders, an asteroid, a genus of tree spider, and a cat who lived in a train station in Japan.


The match again: DiBiase has eliminated Hercules, and it IS now the Mega Powers on their own, against the Towers, Haku and DiBiase. BUT NOT FOR LONG! DiBiase wasn't paying attention, and Savage just pinned him! 3 vs. 2 now, the Mega Powers have got this!


Haku misses what Monsoon calls Headbutt City - which will join Clothesline City in Abandoned Wrestling Cities That Didn't Catch On Until Suplex City Finally Did - and we're back to Bossman and Hogan. Just noticed that Savage has 'Mega Powers' written on his trunks. Where's your effort, Hogan? Savage is wearing your colours, he's got your team name on his bum, what have you done for this team? Eh, Hogan? Eh? WOYAH 4 LYF.


Haku hits a 'beautiful suplex' (Ventura) on Hogan and has him in a hold. I sense a Hulk Up! And here is comes… as Young Tim White watches at ringside, Hogan's momentum is cut off, Bossman Slam! But he's not… he's not going for the pin, what are you doing?! Slick's screaming at him to do it, the commentators are questioning his intelligence, he's really being an idiot here, he's GOING TO THE TOP BLOODY ROPE AND HE MISSED THE SPLASH, THE FOOL. Hogan crawls over to Savage and he's taking everyone on by himself! Go Savage, go! Great performance from him tonight AND SLICK JUST TRIPPED HIM. BASTARD! This is going to be Hogan winning 3-on-1, isn't it? 


SLICK'S GOING AFTER ELIZABETH! BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD! GET OFF HER! GET HIM HOGAN GET HIM! YES! FUCK YOU, SLICK! But the Towers have gone after Hogan! HANDCUFFS! He's stuck! This is an outrage! Tremendous storytelling, but an outrage! By doing that, Bossman's got himself counted out, but he doesn't care, he's got Hogan right where he wants him, and he beats him up with a nightstick. Sucks to be you, Hulk. Meanwhile, Savage is trying to fight everyone off but he eats a nightstick as well and where the hell is the officiating in this?! Akeem's disqualified. It's technically now Savage and Hogan vs. Haku, but who knows what's going to happen.


The commentators make an excellent call in saying that if the Towers don't leave soon, they'll incur heavy fines. What a great, effective, simple explanation for them retiring to the back instead of staying out there to cause more trouble.


Shenanigans aplenty as Haku and Savage are in the ring, Slick gets knocked down, Heenan gets knocked down, Elizabeth gets the handcuff keys, Hogan gets released, it's all kicking off, Haku hits a big top rope splash, he can't pin Savage here, surely not, he's the Champion! Nope, he kicks out and tags in Hogan who's bound to get this sorted quick sharp. Big boot, body slam, leg drop, that'll do it. 1, 2, 3, Mega Powers win! Phew! I need to catch my breath after all that!


WHOA WHO WHOA WHOA. Hogan just hugged Elizabeth. Savage. Is. PISSED. OFF. Something's about to explode and I think it might be the Mega Powers...



My thoughts:


That was brilliant. I've seen this one before but it's easy to forget how many standouts there are. I mean, it's probably no more than you'd expect from some of the top stars of the era, but you've got such great content here, both from an in-ring perspective and from a storytelling point of view. Savage, excellent, Bossman, deadly, Slick, bastard, Hogan, Hogan (first match of his I've watched since the whole racism thing happened), Haku, holds his own, Koko, short, Gang, massive, DiBiase, quality… The action never lets up, the storytelling is absolutely stellar from bell to bell, you're never unsure about what's going on, it draws you in, it hooks you and it makes you care about what's happening - as you can tell from that part I wrote all in capitals. My only fault is that they could have made even more of Savage's anger at the end, rather than the simple fade-out. But then again, at that point in the Explosion, maybe that was enough. Great match.

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