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Nobodies of the last 10 years


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Surely Krissie Vaine deserves a mention here too? Runs in on Smackdown, attacks the delightful Torrie Wilson... never seen again.


Plus Kizarny, who even had vignettes for his debut, Trent Barretta did barely anything, I'm sure I saw someone with the surname Braddock or Craddock at a Cardiff house show jobbing to Khali in 2009...

WWE.com just did a 'we only saw them once' list aswell and Vaine and Kizarny were on that. Kizarny did appear twice though, I think.


What was the story with Kizarny? They ran the introductory vignettes for about four years. Even Brakkus was watching it thinking they're milking these a bit. And then as soon as Kizarny actually turns up, WWE loses interest. Was there something more to it?

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Yeah, that's probably why they haven't put him on the list. The company try their best to disassociate themselves from the real life nutters these days.


Is the exclusion of Colt Cabana from the list a dig at him or the opposite, given the company they would be throwing him in there with?

Colt will be on the does not exist list right now what with the court case coming up with the WWE doctor v he and Punk.

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