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Big Benny HG

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Fast Track Four Way Match
Ste "Bin" Mann (sub for Dylan Roberts) def Nick Maguire, Craig Kollins and Jimmy Jackson by pinfall.
Ste "Bin" Mann announced he would face Heavyweight Champion T-Bone and British Champion Bubblegum would face The Hate League.

Singles Match
Ricky J. Mckenzie (RJM) def "Magnificent" Matt Brooks by pinfall

2 on 1 Handicap Match
The Hate League (Danxig & Soner Dursun) def Bubblegum via disqualification. The disqualification came about because T-Bone rushed to the aid of Bubblegum when Dursun was going to hit him with the Tag Team Trophy while Danxig had Bubblegum restrained.

Singles Match
CJ Banks def Travis Banks via pinfall

Six Man Tag Team Match



The Circus ("The Extraordinary" Jack Gallagher, Noah & "The Ringmaster" Nicholas Cartier w/Melanie Price) def The Bad Lads (Don Meacho, Mickey Barnes & Drill) via pinfall.

Nate Travis announced that there would be another inductee into the GPW Hall Of Fame revealed at "A Night To Remember" next month. Travis was then assaulted by newcomer, Isaiah Quinn until Rio and Matt Brooks made the save.

Heavyweight Title Match
T-Bone (champion) w/Lana Austin fought Ste "Bin" Mann to a no contest when The Hate League, Jet Fashion and Bubblegum all interfered in the bout.

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Greetings Grapple Fans!

The Card


Cyanide has been making life extremely difficult for The Circus in recent months and has raised the ire of his former tag team partner, Jack Gallagher. These two started in GPW together and I can't think of a better finale for Jack than facing his old buddy, Cyanide. Who will get the Lethal Dose in this one?

Dirk Feelgood is to make the next HOF Induction. For one roster member this really will be a night to remember!

Blood continues to boil in this dispute between Brooks and RJM so a tag team match was required. Brooks has picked Ashton Smith to join him while RJM has selected veteran "Deadly" Damon Leigh. Leigh and Brooks are no strangers to one another, as well, after all, Brooks pinned Leigh at GPW BWAB 2016.

After Bin Mann earned the right to face Heavyweight Champion at the last show, my curiosity was piqued. How would his long time tag partner fair in a British Championship match? Find out the answer on June 10th!

The Tag Team division in GPW hasn't been this hot since the days of Project Ego, Damage Control, WKD and even Kev "n" Krev. What better way to celebrate that fact than with a four team gauntlet? 2 teams start the match and the match will end when 3 of the 4 teams have been eliminated. Who will be next in line to face Tag Team Trophy Holders, The Hate League??


Joey Hayes has been on the shelf since January with a torn pectoral muscle but now he's back off injured reserve. I need to make sure I'm getting my money's worth so I'm throwing him right out of the frying pan and into the fire with this one. "The One Man Riot" has been on a tear as of late and would love to make Joey's night one to forget!

Our main event will be a rematch from Friday The Thirteenth which proved to be unlucky for Bin Man as his first ever shot at the Heavyweight Title ended in a disqualification. T-Bone, ever the fighting champion, has granted Bin Man a rematch. At ANTR we will find out who the better man is, once and for all!!

Before I go, one more thing...

Be sure to check out our new GRAND PRO ON DEMAND Site now featuring 10 years worth of shows. Check out the trailer and more at the following link...


So many shows worth checking out, our historian, GPW Kristian Zane has forwarded me some of his recommendations...

1) GPW: The Return 2004: A Pre WWE Cesaro in tag team action and Robbie Brookside versus Johnny Kidd on the same show. Need I say more??

2) GPW: Wanted from 2005, a terrific show I feel still holds up today with a great match between a pre WWE Tyson Kidd against Mikey Whiplash. Plus it features a guest appearance by yours truly!

3) GPW Friday Night Thriller 2006 features a classic between a pre Rockstar Spud and Joey Hayes as well as a career defining match between Heresy and Dirk Feelgood.

4) GPW Only The Strong Survive 2007 was our first Survivor Series event and set the bar pretty high. The show features 3 traditional Survivor Series Matches with the top talent of the era spread across all 3. If you enjoyed the S-Series shows WWE put on in the late 80's to mid 90's you'll love this!

5) GPW Battlefield 2011 features a fantastic and to the best of my knowledge only, 30 Minute Triple Threat Iron Match between Jack Gallagher, Zack Gibson (then known as Zack Diamond) and Mikey Whiplash

But are these the best shows Grand Pro has to offer? Don't just take Kristian Zane's word for it, find out for yourself now!

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Big News!!

Joey Hayes is out of tonight's show. The injury that has sidelined him for most of the year hasn't healed and he's out of tonight's match with Kollins.

He has however, hand picked his replacement. Taking his place is the man who beat Kollins 12 months ago at A Night To Remember 2015, Chris Ridgeway!




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Singles Match
Craig Kollins def Chris Ridgeway via pinfall

Tag Team Gauntlet Match
Martin Kirby & The Sheikh def The Circus ("The Ringmaster" Nicholas Cartier & Noah) w/Melanie Price via pinfall
The Island Bros def Martin Kirby & The Sheik via pinfall
The Island Bros def The Bad Lads (Drill & Mickey Barnes) via pinfall

Winners: The Island Bros

British Title Match
Bubblegum © def Jet Fashion via pinfall


After the match, Dirk Feelgood inducted Bubblegum into the Grand Pro Hall Of Fame.

Singles Match
Jack Gallagher w/Melanie Price def Cyanide via pinfall

Tag Team Match
Ashton Smith & Matt Brooks def "Deadly" Damon Leigh & Ricky J. McKenzie via pinfall


Isaiah Quinn called out Dirk Feelgood. Feelgood defended himself against Quinn's accusation that he is a false idol only to be brutally assaulted by Quinn.


Heavyweight Title Match
T-Bone © w/Lana Austin & Bubblegum def Ste "Bin" Mann w/Jet Fashion via pinfall


During the match, a biker wearing his helmet kidnapped Lana Austin. At the conclusion of the match, the biker returned with Austin and revealed he was Dylan Roberts. Roberts demanded a title shot at the next in event or he would hurt Lana. T-Bone agreed after being held back by Bin Man and Bubblegum only for Dylan to slap Lana and immediately retreat....




GPW returns with Midsummer Madness, August 19th


Dylan Roberts vs. T-Bone © for the GPW Heavyweight Title.

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Joey Hayes returns to the ring along with the Fast Track 4 Way. Hayes, a former British Champion and Tag Team Champion will no doubt be looking to hit a Grand Slam if he wins this high stakes contest.


Ricky J. McKenzie, a former Heavyweight Champion in his own right will be looking to reclaim the gold he lost on the same night he won the title over 12 months ago.


Jimmy Jackson, the most experienced FT4Way Participant will be looking to score the upset against the 3 veterans and earn his first title shot in the process.


Ashton Smith is another contender yet to taste championship gold but has managed since his debut in 2014 to pick up some big wins over some notable names like Jack Gallagher and Zack Gibson. One more big win at Midsummer Madness could see Ashton finally achieve his dream!






What does the mysterious Isaiah Quinn have to say about Matt Brooks?

What does Magnificent Matt Brooks have to sing about Isaiah Quinn?








Eight Man Tag team action sees the former Tag Team Champions, The Midnight Bin Collection team up with the very men they defeated for their first title reign, the Island Brothers who are on fine form at present going up against current Tag Team Champions, The Hate League who have aligned with former Heavyweight Champion Martin Kirby and his benefactor, Mohammed R. Khan. The tag team division has really begun to heat up in Grand Pro in recent memory, this match could steal the show!



Dylan Roberts plans have finally born fruit as he has managed to secure a Heavyweight Title match against current champion, T-Bone. This is one of the most personal rivalries in recent memory as Dylan blackmailed T-Bone into fighting him in exchange for not harming a helpless Lana Austin who he then struck aanyway!. T-Bone will be out for blood but will this work in the challenger's favour?




Wait a minute? T-Bone in two matches? That's right, the winner of the Fast Track 4 Way will advance to face a champion of their choosing on the same night. Neither champion will know whether they'll be defending their title until the winner of the Fast Track announces their decision. This could mean a long night for Heavyweight Champion T-Bone! However, if Bubblegum is chosen by one of the contenders we could well see a dream match take place!


This is all happening, Friday August 19th at The Rose Club, Atherton Road, Hindley, Wigan. Doors 7pm, Start 7:30pm!

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Hey folks, if I'm not mistaken it looks like you've wandered on to a BATTLEFIELD!!!!





After RJM rendered Ashton Smith unable to compete in his title match after injuring him post FT4W win, GPW Owner Johnnie Brannigan has announced there will be one more at Battlefield. Joining Hayes and Jackson will be former Heavyweight Champion Martin Kirby and former 2 Time Tag Team Champion Jet Fashion.







Who will the winner of the Four Way decide to face??








Cyanide will be in action against CJ Banks in a rematch from Grand Pro's 10th Anniversary Event which is  available to view for only £3.99 via https://vimeo.com/ondemand/grandprowrestling




The current number one contenders, The Island Bros will finally receive their title opportunity against defending champions, The Hate League!





After losing his title in quite controversial fashion last month at Midsummer Madness, what will the former Heavyweight Champion have to say?






Plus, our main event will see British Champion Bubblegum go one on one with new Heavyweight Champion Dylan Roberts. Scores to be settled here in this first time encounter. This is going to be a war!!!



Don't miss this first time encounter involving our two singles champs. Buy your tickets now for £8 fromgrandprowrestling.co.uk/shop 

Grand Pro Wrestling Presents: "Battlefield"...Live from The Rose Club in Hindley, Wigan on Friday September 23rd.

Doors Open 7pm. Show stars 7:30pm

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Really looking forward to this show on Friday.


I do plan on writing a bit more about it when I get chance to explain, but for my money the Bubblegum/T-Bone/Lana/Dylan/Hate League situation that GPW have been putting on has quietly legitimately become, without exaggeration, the best storyline currently taking place in British wrestling.  Even compared to the high-profile likes of PROGRESS.

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