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UFC 192: Cormier vs Gustafsson


Who wins and how?   

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Houston, Texas hosts this bad boy on October 3rd...





Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson - Light Heavyweight Title

Rashad Evans vs Ryan Bader

Shawn Jordan vs Ruslan Magomedov

Joseph Benavidez vs Ali Bagautinov

Jessica Eye vs Julianna Pena



Yair Rodriguez vs Dan Hooker

Alan Jouban vs Albert Tumenov

Adriano Martins vs Islam Makhachev

Rose Namajunas vs Angela Hill



Sage Northcutt vs Francisco Trevino

Chris Cariaso vs Sergio Pettis

Derrick Lewis vs Viktor Pesta


Not a bad looking card, eh?




Cormier vs Gustafsson is a great main event. Really interesting contrast of styles, body shape etc here. The promo they showed at UFC 191 went along those lines too, detailing the difference in frames with the old 'Does size matter?' angle. The mad thing is, Cormier is the guy here who is the former heavyweight, yet he's the David to Gustafsson's Goliath.


Cormier is riding high at the moment. He never got Olympic gold, he never beat Jon Jones to win the UFC title in January, but in May at UFC 187, he finally won the big one;




He got up off the canvas early on and then outworked and submitted Anthony Johnson to win the vacant UFC light heavyweight title. He mightn't have beat 'the man' but the 'man' is out of the picture through his own stupidity right now. So Cormier is the man by default now.


"Get your shit together Jon!"

- Daniel Cormier post-fight at UFC 187


This is a bit of a weird one actually. Because although Gustafsson is a great fighter, he's coming off a devastating first round TKO loss to Rumble. He's getting a title shot coming off getting destroyed within a round!


Even weirder is there's been zero backlash to that decision. When Nick Diaz got the shot at GSP in 2013 there was uproar from 'hardcore fans'. Likewise to a lesser extent when Miesha Tate got a title shot against Ronda Rousey coming off a loss to Cat Zingano.


This time though, nothing. Not a peep. And I think that's mostly because the 205 division is in fucking tatters at the minute. Nobody is clamouring to see Ryan Bader get a title shot. Jon Jones has wreaked such carnage on the division that there's no-one left to really build as a contender. All his victims are still rebounding. Cormier's got very little to work with.


So here we are;




At the end of the day, who gives a fuck how we got here? This is going to be a fantastic fight.


DC vs Gus promo;




They're undoubtedly two of the very best light heavyweights on the planet and it's a fascinating matchup of total opposites. You've got the stocky fireplug Olympic wrestler vs the lanky dangerous striker. Even their personalities are chalk and cheese with Cormier being the outspoken, likeable lump and Gus being the stoic intense badass. I love this fight.




Hendricks vs Woodley probably decides the next title challenger at welterweight. These two are right there on the cusp of a title shot and I can see the winner of this facing off with the winner of Lawler vs Condit next year.


Not sure how this one goes at all. Could be a war, could be a 30 second KO either way, could be a total cagehumpfest. Both have big power in their hands, both are excellent wrestlers, I'd give Hendricks the edge in stamina but Woodley is the more athletic and explosive, at least in the early rounds. I really don't know.




Rashad Evans finally returns to the octagon. He hasn't fought since November 2013 when he beat down Chael Sonnen in a round. He's had injury after injury since then. Really sucks. Especially because he seemed to be building nice momentum again with the Sonnen and Hendo wins, he's pretty much starting over from scratch again now though.


He's fighting Ryan Bader. Not my favourite fighter. In fact, I actually kind of dread seeing his name on a card. I don't know what it is about him. There's been fighters that have been duller in the cage, but I just can't ever seem to muster up any enthusiasm to watch a Bader fight. Ever. Even if he was fighting one of my all-time favourites like Shogun or something, I doubt I'd be able to find a single fuck to give.


I hope Rashad wins. I really do. In a division badly lacking in title contenders, eliminating Bader and injecting Rashad into the mix would be a step in the right direction, I reckon.


Eye vs Pena should be fun. Big step up for Pena here. I like her and the division could really do with her continuing to climb the ranks but I've got a feeling she loses this. I think if she can make it a grappling match she'll do well but I think she's too sloppy on the feet for someone like Jessica Eye to not capitalise on.


Prelims are pretty good, I think.


Benavidez vs Bagautinov is a good fight. Although it seems almost pointless as Mighty Mouse already made both guys his bitch, so it seems like they're fighting for nothing. The winner isn't really going to be any further along. I like the matchup but I liked the proposed Benavidez vs Cejudo fight better.


Rodriguez vs Hooker is the one that stands out for me on the prelims. High hopes for that. Both guys only recently got on my radar but I really liked both their latest fights.


Yair Rodriguez had a brilliant fight at UFC 188 with Charles Rosa. He's also the TUF Latin America winner, just 22 years old with a 5-1 record. Based on the Rosa fight I think he's got some potential. At the very least I can see him being someone worth watching for his exciting style alone, in the mold of Erick Silva.


Dan Hooker's a name I saw on undercards that meant nothing to me. Until I saw his last fight with Hatsu Hioki. He looked great, totally shut Hioki down and got a spectacular win by headkick knockout.


Really looking forward to this fight. It's one of those under the radar fights that probably won't get that much attention going in but I think it's got a high chance of delivering big time.


Namajunas vs Hill is another fight I see being exciting to watch. Both are inexperienced with less than stellar records (Namajunas is 2-2, Hill is 2-1) but they've been thrown right in at the deep end right from the off. Namajunas is coming off the loss to Carla Esparza in the finals of TUF 20, but before that she was on a tear on the show. Hill is coming off a loss to Tecia Torres in a surprisingly shit fight at UFC 188. They both need to look good here. I'd heavily favour Namajunas myself. I think she's got more tools overall.


Jouban vs Tumenov is another undercard standout for me. Jouban is a very entertaining fighter to watch. BJJ brown-belt under Eddie Bravo. Had an absolute cracker against Matt Dwyer on the Mir vs Duffee undercard in July. He's looked impressive in his other two UFC wins as well, with first round stoppages over Richard Walsh and Seth Baczynski. And in Albert Tumenov he's facing a tough test against a guy riding a three fight winning streak.


Pettis vs Cariaso is a good fight, almost seems too good for the Fight Pass prelims in a way.


Islam Makhachev is 12-0 with 8 finishes. Multi-time Sambo world champion.


And Sage Northcutt makes his octagon debut...




I want to see the birth certificate. You wouldn't serve him fags, would you? Hope he brings his homework with him to do in the locker room.


I put his name in on Google Images because I'd never seen nor heard of him. All I can say is I'm glad my wife wasn't in the room. I'd have had a game explaining why I had some half naked, oiled up twink on my screen. Had to close the curtains and clear the history on my laptop.


In all seriousness, he's an interesting signing. Just 19 years old, 5-0, all finishes. He's from Texas as well so he'll probably get a big reaction.


I like this card. It's not as loaded as the other PPVs we've got coming up, but there's enough on there to sink your teeth into.




Oh yes.

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He's the start of the next generation, the generation that pushes MMA even further forward and in line with other professional sports.


If you think about it, you couldn't take up any other professional sport in your mid-twenties and then expect to make it in the major leagues/organisations.


Soon, everyone will be turning pro at 18-21, and retiring in their early to mid-thirties.

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Evans/Bader is going to be a three-round borefest decision, isn't it? I look at that fight and that's all I can see happening.


Decent show on paper (though weakest of remaining PPV this year), Hendricks/Woodley should be good and it'll be interesting to see how much/if Sergio Pettis has improved.

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I'm hoping Rashad busts out one of his rare brutal KOs like in the Chuck Liddell and Sean Salmon fights.


Thinking about it, and I hope I'm not tempting fate with this, I'd say there's a decent chance that the top three fights end up being fairly dull, to be honest. I could see Cormier just shutting Gus down and wrestling his way to a lopsided decision. Hendricks vs Woodley should be good but Hendricks hasn't KO'd anyone for a while and even his last fight wasn't that good, even though he was in there with Matt Brown. Woodley's hit and miss too. And Rashad vs Bader...well, it's Rashad vs Bader, isn't it? I love Rashad but he's never been the most exciting guy to watch in the cage. And Bader's a dullard in every way.


Like with 191, I think the FOX Sports prelims are the best bet to deliver the goods in-cage on this card.


Don't get me wrong, I do think DC vs Gus will be good and I'm excited to see it, but I do think Cormier will wind up overwhelming him down the stretch. Just can't see Gus having much of an answer for Cormier's grappling.

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Think the main event could go either way. Cormier gets my vote though solely due to him having the momentum. Really excited about Rashad coming back. One of my favourite fighters and although I don’t hate Bader like some on here I hope he does a job on him.


Nelson/Barnett first though :thumbsup: 

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This Cormier vs Gustafsson promo is excellent;




And here's the Unibet breakdown with Hardy and Gooden;




Let's talk about this then. Just a few days away now. How does everyone think the fight goes?


I can see Gus' reach and height making things tricky for DC but I just can't see how Gus handles Cormier's wrestling over a five round fight. By that I mean I can see him having spells of success defending the takedowns but I can't see how he extends those spells to actually win the rounds. And I'm not sure he has enough power to keep Cormier at bay and stop him getting on the inside. He definitely has some power but if Rumble couldn't make Cormier hesitate, even after dropping him, I find it difficult to see how Gus makes that work either.


I think this is going to be an uphill battle for Gus. Not that he can't win, I just think he's really going to struggle unless he can get off to a really strong start and hurt DC early and often, to the point it effects the rest of the fight.


DC on points, I'm thinking.

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I think Cormier will win comfortably, probably on points. I hope he takes the fight to the inside rather than rely on takedowns, a tactic that served him well for one round against Jon Jones. I'm not really sure how good Gus is - Rumble made short work of him and then DC made short work of Rumble. To be honest I'm not that excited about a LHW division without Jones.


I'm really looking forward to Hendricks vs Woodley though. There seems to be a real beef there and I think they are well matched. 

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I'm sure I'm not the first person to have said it on here but I'm definitely of the opinion now that the Jones vs. Gus fight was more down to Jones been complacent than Gus' ability. Hopefully he pulls out another similar performance this Saturday though which confirms it was him rather than Jones taking him lightly. It does seem like he has lost something since, though whether this is because of the Sweden thing (both the beating and the mental aspect of not delivering with all the pressure on him) or he has just realised that he isn't/wasn't able to live up to the hype following the Jones fight (because it was due to Jones been off not him been on) who knows.

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I think there are parallels between Sonnen/Silva and DC/Jones, as I think one is the clear number 2 to a clear number one, and while the number 2 is excellent, he's not a GOAT freak. DC will probably dominate and win against everyone not named Jones.


Of course I hope I'm wrong because DC is lovable and Jones pushes over the elderly and children.


Anyway, my point, I see DC battering poor Gust.

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