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Wrestling Collection For SALE!


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Hi Guys, as already told i'v put my wrestling collection for sale. I't taken over 20 years to collect, I recently put it on eBay, but would like to look at other ways to sell. I'd rate it as one of the best collections in the UK. It's consists of a huge DVD/VHS library, Figures, Books, Magazines. Memborilla, T-Shirts, Video Games & more.


Am looking for around £3,000 but am willing to negotiate an listen to offers.( UK offers only).


I will post the full listing of what actually in the collection. Any enquires or questions just send me a question and I will be get back as soon as possible thanks.

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DVD/VHS Collection Library

Royal Rumble

89/90 DVD, 91/92 DVD, 93 VHS, 94 VHS, 95/96 DVD,(95 on VHS Aswell) 97/98 DVD, 99 VHS,

2000 VHS, 01/02 DVD, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2005 DVD, 2006 DVD.


1/2 DVD, 3/4 DVD, 5/6 DVD, 7/8 DVD, 9 VHS, 10 VHS, 11/12 DVD & VHS, 13 VHS, 14 VHS,

15 VHS, 16 VHS, 17 DVD, 18 DVD, 19 VHS, 20 DVD(Deluxe 3 Disc Set), 21 DVD, 22 DVD,

23 3 DIsc Special Edition


88/89 DVD, 90/91 DVD, 92/93 DVD, 94 VHS, 95 VHS, 96 VHS, 97 VHS, 98 VHS, 99 VHS,

2000 VHS, 2002 DVD, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2005 DVD.

Survivor Series

87/88 DVD, 89/90 DVD, 91/92 DVD, 93/94 DVD, 95 VHS, 96 VHS, 97 VHS, 98 VHS, 99 VHS.

2001 DVD, 2002 DVD, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2005 DVD, 2006 DVD.

In Your House

1/2 DVD, 3/4 DVD, 5/6 DVD, 7 VHS, 8 VHS, 9/10 DVD, 11 VHS, 12 VHS, 13 DVD, 15 VHS.

16 DVD & VHS, 17 VHS, 18 VHS, 19 VHS, 20 VHS, 21 VHS, 22 VHS, 23 VHS

King Of The Ring

93/94 DVD, 95/96 DVD, 97/98 DVD, 99 VHS, 2000 DVD, 2002 DVD


99 VHS, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2005 DVD, 2006 DVD.

No Way Out

98 VHS, 2001 DVD, 2002 DVD, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2006 DVD.

Judgment Day

98 VHS, 2001 DVD, 2002 DVD, 2003 VHS, 2006 DVD.

No Mercy

1999 VHS, 2000, 2002 DVD, 2003 DVD


2000 VHS, 2002 DVD, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2005 DVD.


2002 DVD, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2006 DVD.


2002 VHS, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD, 2005 DVD, 2006 DVD

Bad Blood

98 VHS, 2003 DVD, 2004 DVD

Great American Bash

2004 DVD, 2005 DVD, 2006 DVD.

New Year Resolution

2005 DVD, 2006 DVD

Taboo Tuesday

2004 DVD, 2005 DVD


UK Rampage 92 VHS, Rebillion 99 VHS.


-ECW Guilty As Charged 99 VHS

-ECW Guilty as Charged 2001 VHS

-ECW Deep Impact VHS

-ECW Living Dangerously 99

-ECW Buffalo Invasion

-ECW/WWE December to Dismember 2006 DVD (Region 1)

-The Rise & Fall Of ECW DVD 2 Disc Set

-ECW Most Extreme Matches 2 Disc DVD Set


-Uncensored 1999 VHS

-Stampede 1999 VHS

-WCW Best Of 90's VHS


-Lockdown 2006 DVD

-TNA 50 Greatest Matches DVD

-Best Of Samoa Joe ''Unstoppable'' DVD


-History of WWE Title, 3 Disc DVD Set (Limted Edition Packing)

-Hulk Hogan 3 Disc Set Anthlogy

-Bret Hart ''Best there is, Best there was, Best there ever will be'' 3 Disc COLLECTORS DVD Boxset

-Undertaker ''Tombstone'' 3 Disc DVD Set

-The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection 3 Disc DVD Boxset

-Greatest Wrestling Stars Of The 80's 3 Disc DVD Boxset

-Roddy Piper ''Born To Controversy'' 3 Disc DVD Set

-Life & Times of Mr Perfect, 2 Disc DVD Boxset

-Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior DVD

-Spectacular Legacy of AWA DVD 3 Disc Boxset

-Mick Foley Greatest Hits & Misses DVD

-The Rise & Fall of ECW 2 Disc DVD Set

-Eddie Guerrero Story DVD ''Cheating Death, Stealing Life''

-The Dusty Rhodes Story 3 Disc DVD Set

-Jake ''The Snake'' Roberts ''Pick Your Posion'' 2 Disc DVD

-Shawn Michaels ''Boyhood Dream'' DVD

-Road Warriors 2 Disc DVD set ''The life & death of the most dominant Tag Team''

-The Worlds Greatest Managers DVD

-Wrestlings Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches 2 Disc DVD Set

-''McMahon'' 2 Disc Collectors Edition DVD

-Rob Van Dam ''One of a kind'' 2 Disc DVD set

-Brian Pillman ''Lose Cannon'' DVD

- Bret Hart ''Wrestling With Shadows'' DVD

-From the Vault Shawn Michaels VHS

-Shawn Michaels Heartbreak Tour VHS

-Shawn Michaels ''Hits from the Heartbreak Kid'' VHS

-The Monday Night War DVD

-Beyond The Mat DVD & VHS

-WWF Year In Review 94, 95, 96 VHS

-''Cause Stone Cold Said So'' DVD

-Best Of Wrestlemania 1 to 14 VHS

-RAW ''The Beggining'' Best of seasons 1 & 2 DVD Set

-ECW The Most Extreme Matches DVD 2 Disc Set

-John Cena ''Word Life'' DVD

-The unreal story of Pro Wrestling DVD

-TNA 50 Greatest Moments DVD

-The Best Of Samoa Joe ''Unstoppable'' DVD

-The History Of Wrestlemania VHS

-3 Faces Of Foley VHS

-Best Of Raw 6 VHS

-Kurt Angle ''It's True, It's True'' VHS

-Best Of Survier Serious 87 to 97 VHS

-D Generation VHS Doc

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-Bret Hart Autobiography

-Shawn Michaels Autobiography

-Hulk Hogan Autobiography (Both Editions)

-Mick Foley Autobiography

-The Rock Autobiography

-Chris Jerucho Autobiography Both Editions Lions Tale & Undisputed

-Eddie Guerrero Autobiography

-Batista Autobiography

-William Regal Autobiography

-Bobby Heenan Autobiography

-Bob Holly Autobiography

-Bruce Hart Autobiography

-WWE ''Unscripted''

-''Are We There Yet?'' Tales from WWE superstars on the road

-WWE Main Event ''WWE in the ranging 80's''

-Wrestling ''Babylon''

-WWE Signutare Moves

-Pro Wrestling Almanac 2000 & 2008

WWE Jakks Classic Superstars 2004/2005

(Open but in MINT condition)

-Bret Hartx2 (with sunglasses) black attire & pink attire

-Hulk Hogan 1985 (with Hulkamania vest)

-Ric Flair (With red & silver gown on)

-Wrestlemania 12 Shawn Michaels

-1993 Shawn Michaels

-Mankind (with socko)

-Dude Love

-Mr Perfect x2 ( 1 orange attire & 1 black attire)

-Rick Rude (with robe)

-Bobby Heenan

-Nasty Boys

-Koko.B.Ware (with bird & sunglasses)

-Demolition (With masks)


-Ultimate Warrior

-Andre The Giant

-Jake The Snake Roberts (with snake & bag)

-Million Dollar Man Ted Dibase (With Cash & Millior Dollar Title)

-IRS (with briefcase)

-Akeem (with hat)

-Brutas Barber Beefcake (with sciccors, & jacket)

-Bam Bam Bigalow


-Freddie Blassie (with jacket & walking stick)

-Dusty Rhodes (with hat on)

-Kamela (with original mask & towel)

-Junkyard Dog (with chain)

-Brother Love

-Hillbilly Jim (with hat on)

-Terry Funk (with barbwire bat)

-Hackshaw Jim Duggan

-Paul Orndoff (with red robe)

-Dean Malenko

-Bad News Brown

-Tito Santana

-123 Kid

-The Mountie


-Jimmy Snukka

-Sgt Slaughter (with stick, jacket, glasses & hat)

-British Bulldog

-Greg Valentine (with robe)

-Iron Sheik

-George ''The Animal'' Steele


-Rick Steiner (with head muffs & jacket)

-Big John Studd

-Ken Shamrock

-Arn Anderson

-Nikola Volkoff (with hat & jacket)

-Hunter Herse Hemsley 95

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WWE Raw & Smackdown Magazines from 2004.

Vintage 1996 Post wrestlemania magazine.

-Wrestlemania 3D Magazine

Hundreds of Powerslam Magazine ranging from 1999 to 2011. (PS mags have some wear & tear)

Fighting Spirit Magazine ranging from 2006 to 2011 (FSM mags in mint condition)




T Shirts/Memborilla All Bought From WWE Shop)

-Austin 3:16

-Rick Rude

-Cactus Jack

-Mr Perfect

-D Geneartion X

-Rowdy Piper

-Legends T Shirt

-Millior Dollar Man

-Hulkamania T Shirt & Cap.

-WrestleMania 23 head band

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Video Games

-Original Wrestling Challage Video Game (Rare)

-Wrestlemania 2000 N64

-WCW/NWO Revenge N64

-WCW vs NWO Would Tour N64

-WCW Thunder Playstation

-2007, 2008, 2009 Raw vs Smackdown Xbox

-Legends of Wrestling Showdown PS2

-WWE Day Of Reckoning GameCube

-Wrestlemania X8 GameCube

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