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I don't know... They seem a bit overexposed.

Futureshock should book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe. Sound of the summer.

The entire Uproar 103 event has been made available for free as an early Christmas present. Watch in it's entirety right here. Here's the trailer. Main event is a sly MOTY candidate.

Loved the last show, glad we'll get to see Gallagher again before he travels over to America and I'm interested to hear what's going to come of the attack by April Davids on Lana! Also shout out to the little kid who was winding up Gibson, I like Gibson but that was hilarious!


Also, took my girlfriend along on Sunday to see what she thought, she's not a wrestling fan but wanted to give it a go and when it finished she said "let's get tickets for the next show".

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Was a fun show. Not seen some of the regulars for ages, whats happened to people like Joey Hayes, Nordic Warrior, Axl Rage. Have they stopped now.

Let's see... Joey Hayes has been on the bench for a while with a torn pectoral. No doubt we'll see him again before too long along with Danny Hope. They're still recognised as the tag team champions despite Wonderland's pilfering.


Axl Rage has gone off the radar since the demise of the Blackpool Blonds. If he sees fit to return then James Drake had best stay sharp.


Nordic Warrior is nursing an injury sustained during a pillaging session on the Fylde coast.

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Joey should be back soon hopefully. Joey is also THE man. All FutureShock shows need more Joey Hayes.  More FS Joey Hayes merch. (Not at the next show though, I'm also bringing along some non-wrestling fan buddies. Don't want them seeing me fangirl)

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Here's all the results from June 17th's Underground show in Prestwich's Longfield Suite.


Ashton Smith defeated Damon Leigh w/out Chris Egan (More on his absence later...) with his patented Go 2 Sleep.



Futureshock Wrestling Academy graduate Jenson Blake scored a huge upset victory over Mark Massa, pinning him with a sunset flip counter to Massa's widowmaker slam. Afterwards the big man from London was beside himself with rage.



Wonderland formed an uneasy alliance with The Uprising to face off with The Sexy Gentlemen, Sam Bailey and Soner Durson in an eight man tag team match. After an action packed bout Noah, Henry T. Grodd, Sexy Kev and John McGregor fought backstage over the stolen tag team championship belts. Don Meacho and Ryan Hendricks subsequently caught Bailey with a blue thunder bomb neckbreaker combo for the pin.




In his final UK match before competing in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic Jack Gallagher pinned 'The Man For All Seasons" Xander Cooper. We wish The Extraordinary One all these best as he goes to represent FutureShock wrestling and Britain against the best in the world.




James Drake successfully defended the Adrenaline Championship against Liam Lazarus in the latter's first FutureShock appearance.




In her return to the company former women's champion April Davids defeated Violet Vendetta in rapid, fashion brutal fashion by submission with a dragon sleeperhold. Davids then choked Vendetta unconscious after the bell with the same hold.




In the main event tag team match both FutureShock Champion Zack Gibson and former champion T-Bone were allowed to choose their own partners. The only condition being that they must have competed in FutureShock before.




Liverpool's Number One chose Cyanide, presumably having negotiated with Chris Egan at the start of the night. T-Bone emerged followed shortly after by his partner Rampage Brown! Collectively they took the fight to Gibson and Cyanide in a super heated and action packed bout.




Noticeably reluctant to lock horns with T-Bone, Gibson found a length of chain under the ring and struck the former champion hard in the face with a loaded punch. Cyanide capitalised and took T-Bone down for a pinfall victory. The issues between the two are far from settled. 



This huge action packed event will be available soon on DVD and On Demand via the FutureShock website.

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FutureShock On Demand is now just £4 a month for both new and existing subscribers. This will give you access to all our new shows throughout the rest of this year and beyond, an ever increasing library of shows from the vaults and plenty of exclusive content for subscribers as well as our FutureShock Access programs.

Click on the banner above to see all the hard hitting, heart stopping action from the company that's made in Manchester. This includes our huge eleventh anniversary show featuring The Wolves v The Models in a TLC war, Zack Gibson v Jack Gallagher in an incredible submissions only bout and Dave Rayne putting his career on the line against Xander Cooper's FutureShock championship.

*UPDATE* FutureShock Underground 17 has just been added. Feature bouts include Zack Gibson and a mystery partner verses T-Bone and a mystery partner, Jack Gallagher v Xander Cooper, James Drake v Liam Lazarus and much more.

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FutureShock Uproar 89
Stockport Masonic Guildhall
Sunday 17th July


We're days away from FutureShock's final Stockport show before their huge Twelfth Anniversary event in August. Titles are on the line, huge debuts, a former champ's return to action at The Guildhall and more besides.

Main Event



FutureShock Championship Match
Zack Gibson © v Rampage Brown


It's a big return to the Guildhall for the mighty Rampage Brown. At our last show T-Bone unleashed him as his mystery partner in the tag team main event against Gibson and his partner Cyanide. In the end the devious champ prevailed by clocking T-Bone with a length of chain he found under the ring. This left him easy pickings for the 400lbs behemoth Cyanide. 

FutureShock management have decided that it's time for 'Liverpool's Number One' to back his claim to being "FutureShock's Number One' by arranging some suitable competition. Therefore Zack Gibson will defend his title against Rampage Brown in the main event of Uproar 89. A title match that could change the face of the company.

Jack Gallagher is back.



Jack Gallagher has been in the US representing both FutureShock and British wrestling as part of WWE's groundbreaking Cruiserweight Classic tournament. The world is about to realise everything we've known about The Extraordinary One for quite some time but what does this mean for us back home? We can confirm that Jack Gallagher will be at Uproar 89 to discuss his status with WWE as well as his future in our company.


The stacked card of action will also feature...



Adrenaline Championship Match

James Drake © v Coach Sam Bailey




The New Nation V The Uprising




T-Bone v Damon Leigh




Little Miss Roxxy v April Davids




Sexy Kev v Mark Massa


Tickets are on sale right now from the FutureShock Website. Ringside have sold out but there limited reserved second row seats available.

Previous shows are available via our FutureShock On Demand site with a monthly subscription coming in at just £4. 

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James Drake defending the Adrenaline Championship against Chuck Mambo has been announced for PROGRESS' ENDVR 17 event in Balham, London on Tuesday August 9th. Good to see co-operation between these promotions.

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Four pounds a month and you need never risk missing out again... ;)




(Click the banner above for more information.)

Don't you worry about that, I will be taking advantage of the On Demand. But it's always better live

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FutureShock Uproar 89 - Masonic Guildhall, Stockport 17th July 2016



In the opening match T-Bone defeated Damon Leigh by pinfall after a tomb-bone piledriver. After the match, at the urging of the FutureShock faithful, T-Bone delivered a collossal running chop to Leigh and sent him staggering away with Chris Egan.




Mark Massa, the one man firm from London town, was a mass of rage following his shock loss to Jenson Blake at Underground 17. His opponent, Sexy Kev, demanded to be taken seriously and fought ferociously before falling to two consecutive widowmaker slams. Afterwards, Massa yelled to anyone that would listen that he was coming for Blake.






Former FutureShock women's champion April Davids returned to the ring in Stockport for the first time in more than two years. Her opponent, the debuting Little Miss Roxxy fought with fire and determination but was defeated by submission with the Lights Out dragon sleeper hold. After the bell Davids literally contorted Roxxy, bending her back in two with the Lights Out. Reigning Women's Champion Lana Austin made her presence felt and chased her off.




Adrenaline champion James Drake defended his title against "The Very Best" Sam Bailey as the latter managed to put Pokemon Go down long enough to compete. Unfortunately for Bailey he failed to capture the title as Drake utilised underhanded tactics to set up Meet Mr Mayem, his implant DDT. Soner Dursun, accompanying his tag team partner at ringside, had managed to stop Drake from using his title belt as a weapon but his presence distracted the referee. Bailey, frustrated at his lost, pushed Dursun away and walked off alone.




In an epic tag team encounter former FutureShock tag team champions Don Meacho and Ryan Hendricks, collectively known as the Uprising battled The New Nation, Jason Prime and Alexander Henry. The Nation were eager to make a huge impact in their debut. The Uprising were determined to take the newcomers down. In the end it was The New Nation emerging victorious in an all action back and forth battle.




Chris Brooker welcomed The Extraordinary Jack Gallagher to the ring to congratulate him on his participation in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and ask what the future held. Before he could answer he was interrupted by Xander Cooper who attempted to lead the Faithful in a rendition of "Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" to a chorus of boos. Cooper demanded that Gallagher leave immediately so that he could assume the role of company ambassador and make history by becoming the first Grand Slam Champion. This brought out James Drake as the Adrenaline champion was furious at being seen as little more than a stepping stone. This then brought out Chris Egan and Cyanide as the former reminded everyone that his 400lbs monester was only one title away from holding every accolade in FutureShock. In a shock to all the massive Cyanide grabbed the mic and spoke the first time, uttering three words. Grand... Slam... Champion...


Jack Gallagher spoke up and suggested that they all settle this at the Twelfth Anniversary show in a four way match for the Adrenaline Title. By the end of the night it was made official... Drake V Cyanide V Cooper V Gallagher in a four way elimination match!




In the main event Liverpool's Number One Zack Gibson defended his title against the mighty Rampage Brown in a truly incredible heavyweight clash. Brown battled relentlessly, even after having his arm and should dissected by the champion. He appeared to be on the verge of a huge win until Gibson suspiciously managed to lay hands on another length of chain under the ring. One steel assisted punch was just enough to put the chall




Former champion T-Bone hit the ring with a fifteen foot chain in his hands. On FutureShock Access he'd warned Gibson that if he liked to play with chains then he'd bring one of his own. He then revealed that he would be receiving his rematch for the FutureShock Championship on August 13th at the Twelfth Anniversary show and that it would be a STEEL CHAIN MATCH!




Tickets for Underground 18: The Twelfth Anniversary Show are on sale right now from FutureShockWrestling.co.uk.

Watch out for Uproar 89 soon on FutureShock DVD and via our On Demand service for just £4 a month. Subscribe now at tinyurl.com/FutureShockOnDemand.

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