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Yep, that happened too. The Wolves decided that the best way to keep the Models out of the match and win the titles was taking them on a tour of the building and leaving them at the front door. Rather luckily, there's a back door which the Models were able to find to get back into the building on the way to victory. I wasn't too wrong about the TLC match.


Pretty much everything on that show was really impressive. As Benny said, I often forget how good Bubblegum is as the good guy because I'm so used to booing him at most other places. The best crowd Futureshock has seen this year, and without a doubt one of the best shows. Loved the Age of Rayne entrance, just something about the spectacle to make it all that bit more special.



I'm massively looking forward to this show.


I didn't realize you were reffing until last night!



That's me! I like to think I look slimming in stripes. ;)

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I don't know... They seem a bit overexposed.

Futureshock should book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe. Sound of the summer.

The entire Uproar 103 event has been made available for free as an early Christmas present. Watch in it's entirety right here. Here's the trailer. Main event is a sly MOTY candidate.

The 11th anniversary show is now available via Futureshock's on-demand service via Vimeo. You can either purchase that one event for £5.10 or subscribe for unlimited viewing of that and loads of other shows for £8.50 per month. 

There's going to be more and more Futureshock content uploaded as the weeks go by and the aim is to have every show online within a week. By the end of the year there's also going to be exclusive content just for subscribers.

Find out more right here. 

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Also this has been announced for Futureshock Uproar on Sunday 20th September at Stockport Guildhall. The new adrenaline champion puts his title on the line in what I believe is a first time match up. 



One thing I've loved about Futureshock this year. They've not been putting obvious matches together but almost without fail I see them and go "I'd never have thought of that but now I really want to see it." This won't be any different.

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Well... This is definitely a first time match up. Genuinely intriguing too. A couple of agile heavyweights here. Charlie Garrett is just a superstar in waiting and Mark Massa's got a breakout performance simmering away inside him. Wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be it.




Tempted... Like both of them. Massa is underrated where ever I've seen him and both can fly :) 

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