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FutureShock Uproar 104 on Sunday 20th January will be a landmark night. After fifteen years it's time for Manchester's home grown wrestling company to say goodbye to the place where it all began, Stockport's Masonic Guildhall. Hundreds of matches over the years, many of which have defined the careers of worldwide stars and now it's time to move on. As of March FutureShock's Stockport events will take place at the majestic Town Hall, host to the best of British wrestling for many years in the 60's, 70's and '80s. 


It's already looking to be a stacked night with tickets available from our new sales partners Ringside World right here.  






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I don't know... They seem a bit overexposed.

Futureshock should book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe. Sound of the summer.

The entire Uproar 103 event has been made available for free as an early Christmas present. Watch in it's entirety right here. Here's the trailer. Main event is a sly MOTY candidate.

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Results from FutureShock Tapped III last night...

Sugar Dunkerton pinned Big Joe W/Thomas Wolfe after Joe fell, erm, short on a top rope splash.

FutureShock Women's Champion Lana Austin and Hollie fought to a no-contest when Taonga and Alexis Falcon interfered. Initially they'd tried to help Hollie win but she refused their help.

FutureShock Heavyweight Champion Crater defeated Carl Stocks, Philip Michael and Tom Thelwell in a handicap match. After the match Crater tried to further punish his opponents only to be speared by Henry T. Grodd.

James Drake and Sam Bailey (Substituting for Zack Gibson who was not medically cleared to compete.) defeated the Young Guns by pinfall after Gibson's interference.

FutureShock Adrenaline Champion Joey Hayes and C.J. Banks no time limit bout ended in a double pinfall. With no clear winner they will both face Chris Ridgeway at Underground 31 in a triple threat championship match. Banks attacked the referee as well as Hayes after the match.

Callum Corrie pinned J.J. Webb after a fast paced, action packed bout. After the bell Webb snapped, smashed Corrie's knee into the ring post and left to a chorus of boos.

It was announced that Tapped IV on April 3rd would feature the return of LOTTO THUNDER, the one night tournament where the FutureShock Faithful make the matches. The first entrant was also revealed... Making his FutureShock debut... The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan!

In the main event John McGregor scored one of the biggest wins of his career to date over former FutureShock Champion Ashton Smith with a pop-up DDT. A hard fought match that split the Faithful's support, this could so easily have gone the other way. After the match Ashton took the mic, looked his opponent in the eyes and said "You are NOT ready for Crater."

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So yeah... This is going to be fun.

"FutureShock Wrestling is thrilled to be a part of For The Love Of Wrestling's incredible weekend. For fifteen years we've been flying the flag for British wrestling in the North West and we cannot wait to bring the heart stopping, hard hitting, high flying action to this ground breaking event."

More info here.

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Full results from last night...


FutureShock Underground 31

PAC to the FutureShock”


FutureShock Wrestling brought it's trademark hard hitting, heart stopping, high flying action to the Longfield Suite in Prestwich, Manchester for the first time in 2019 at Underground 31. A showcase night for the next generation of the north west's wrestling stars capped off with an incredible main event in front of a full house in good voice. The perfect start to the year there.

In full results from the event...

Henry T. Grodd, perhaps the most unlikely hero to ever be embraced by the FutureShock Faithful faced Isaiah Quinn in the opening bout. Despite the guiding light's best efforts and confidence this wasn't to be his night. A physical encounter ended when Grodd hit his trademark spear for the pinfall.

Eight man tag team action next as Big & Brave (Big Joe & Deadly Damon Leigh), Thomas Wolfe and J.J. Webb teamed up against The Young Guns (Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs), Joe Bailey and Callum Corrie. After his post match assault on Corrie at Tapped III self-appointed team captain (armband and all) J.J. Webb was oddly reluctant to step in the ring against him. In the end he distracted his rival just long enough for Joe and DDL to hit their BIG MOVE to put him down by pinfall. This rivalry, as well as Big & Brave's ongoing issues with The Young Guns, is far from over.

FutureShock Champion Crater had demanded a match with Kevin Lloyd, presumably as a means of sending a message to his friend and former Sexy Gents partner John McGregor. In spite of being outweighed by his opponent Lloyd used every ounce of his fighting skill to wear down the monster, coming close to locking in an arm bar and tapping him out! In the end though a huge clothesline and splash put him down. Crater continued to assault Lloyd after the bell and drew rival Henry T. Grodd out. This time, however, the champion was ready and waiting, managing to counter a spear attempt by nailing him with the FutureShock Championship. Have we ever seen him use a weapon before?

FutureShock Adrenaline Champion Joey Hayes and C.J. Banks' rivalry has been heating up this year with neither man able to score a conclusive victory over the other. Chris Ridgeway found himself in the midst of this conflict as the title was defended in a triple threat match. An instant classic filled with hard hits, submission holds and world class grappling... Hayes took advantage of Banks' offence to lock a crossface on Ridgeway who tapped out split seconds before the other challenger could break the hold up. The champion retains but has yet to defeat his arch rival...

John McGregor, the 2018 Legacy Tournament winner, had issued an open challenge to any former FutureShock Champion. The FutureShock Faithful came unglued as his opponent was revealed to be WWE 205 Live superstar Gentleman Jack Gallagher... Or so they thought. As it turned out this was a ruse by Sam Bailey who jumped McGregor from behind and mocked all in attendance taken in by his trolling. Much to everyone's delight though McGregor fought back and score another victory over a former champion. His march to Stockport Town Hall and a championship show down with Crater continues.

The new breed of the women's division took the spotlight next as Hollie looked to gain a measure of retribution against Taonga. At Tapped III the Ultimate Diva and her ally Alexis Falcon had assaulted both Hollie and her friend and mentor Lana Austin. In the absence of the FutureShock women's champion however the fiery Hollie found herself outmanoeuvred by her foes, falling to defeat after Falcon's interference.

In the main event FutureShock's own Soner Dursun clashed with PAC in a genuine UK cruiserweight dream match. Initially split between the two the Faithful slowly got behind The Turkish Wolf as time and again he showed his arrogant opponent that he was to be taken seriously. An incredible athletic contest packed with spectacular huge moves this wasn't to be Dursun's night but he took the former 'King Of The Cruiserweights' to his limits and proved that he's on his way to that same echelon.

FutureShock's next event is Uproar 105 at Stockport Town Hall on Sunday March 17th. Already announced we have Crater defending his FutureShock Heavyweight Championship against John McGregor as well as Big & Brave & Thomas Wolfe teaming up against The Young Guns and WWE icon 'Hurricane' Shane Helms. More matches to be announced.

Tickets are on sale now from futureshockwrestling.co.uk.

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Summer's here... Looks like a hot one.

Tickets for Uproar 107 and Tapped VI on sale now... Tickets for Underground 34 on sale Monday 24th June at 6pm.

Head to https://www.ringsideworld.co.uk/futureshock-wrestling-upcoming-events for yours.


Uproar 107: Stockport Town Hall, Sunday July 14th.

Stockport Street Fight
Alexis Falcon & J.J. Webb v Lana Austin & Hollie

J.J. Webb v Callum Corrie

More TBA


Tapped IV: Fairfield Social Club, Manchester, Sunday August 4th

All Champions Main Event
The Grizzled Young Veterans v Soner Dursun & Joey Hayes

More TBA


Underground 34: The 15th Anniversary - The Longfield Suite, Prestwich, Manchester

"Gentleman" Jack Gallagher v Sam Bailey

The Adrenaline Rush match.

More TBA

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